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And we have one very Special Testimonial we want to share - Karyn's Story
I have been offered the opportunity to be a part of the Nail Artistry Certification Program. It has been a fabulous opportunity. This course was about showing off your nail art talent. The team goes above and beyond to make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed. They are always there to help you, give advice and ensure you are achieving your full potential. As I am now a GRADUATE of this program, I am enthusiastic to continue my skills in the professional industry.
I am also currently taking the Full Certification Program. I love how in detailed this program is. The modules and step by step videos were very informative, in depth. Its important that I had find a program that fit well into my busy schedule. TAOND is great.
Thank you again TAOND for this opportunity to expand my knowledge in Nail Art.
Posted By: Shanakay S.
This has been a fabulous course! It is very informative and thorough and learning at my own pace was great since I do have some littles running around at home. I am very excited to start my career in the Nail Industry and just glitter up the world, because nails without glitter are just too naked for me. The tutors are wonderful and are always available to help as well as the staff at TAOND itself. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in this industry. Absolutely loved it!!
Posted By: Ashley Dvernichuk
Westlock, Alberta
Like most nail enthusiasts I started out doing my own nails at home, I loved the art of it, I loved the details and designing...I just loved everything about nails. A lot of family and friends started to take notice and would ask me if I was ever going to start doing them professionally, and to be honest I never thought about it. But one day I decided to look into it and boy was I shocked, first at the cost to attend a nearby school and second that the program didn’t really cover a whole lot of information. So I took to the internet to see about online courses. TAOND came up at the top of the list so I decided to have a look and see what they were about...I was blown away. All of the wonderful things everyone had to say about it, all the information they showed about the programs (and that was just the tip of the iceberg), and then seeing how affordable it was. I chose to give it a shot, and let me tell you it was the best decision I ever made. The team at TAOND go above and beyond to make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed. They are always there to help you, give advice and ensure you are achieving your full potential. The fact that you can work at your own pace is absolutely amazing, you don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed at all. I have other friends who have done in-class nail courses and told me they never covered half of the things TAOND does. BEST.DECISION.EVER. Thank you TAOND!-
Posted By: Nicole Harding
Fort McMurray Alberta
My name is Kathrine Baird I'm a wife and mother of two. I have always had a passion for art and nails but I could never find a school that fit my needs, which was to be able to stay home with the kids and not have to sit in a traditional class it just wouldn't work for me. I went back a forth to TAOND's web site for a year, reading every word they had written on their site, I felt like this was one of those "to good to be true" moments, I mean this was exactly what I have been looking for. I could work at my own pace, which sometimes was very slow because 2 weeks after starting school I was diagnosed with cancer, the school never made me feel like I was anything other than a Rockstar and I was doing exactly what I needed.
I'm not a rich person at all I live a very conservative life style and the fact that could do my courses in payments made everything stress free.
I love everything I have learned from the school they are just as in depth as going to a traditional class and the tutoring at TAOND is incomparable to anything, you are treat with love a respect, I couldn't have asked for a better team on my side.
I 100% recommend TAOND and I plan on taking the master course.
Posted By: Katherine Baird
Red Deer Alberta
I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone on the TAOND staff. I will put a comment on the website as well, but I wanted to send a personal note as well. I've talked with you both on the phone as well as email and you have both been fantastic. Even though not in a classroom, I felt like the instructors were right there along with me throughout my classes.

As I mentioned to Christina I am now working at a private physiotherapy/massage/chiropractic clinic but I have found the skills I learned so valuable with the job I'm doing now. The anatomy module was so thorough that when I started this new venture in the Health Care system I already had a great grasp on various parts of the body. The module on Decontamination Protocols also proved to be very useful as my Clinic Manager really didn't have a grasp on how important keeping a clean and safe clinic is. So long story short, this course has taught me so much and I appreciate it.

Thank you
Posted By: Margaret P.
Hagersville, Ontario
I am so grateful for TAOND! With my daughter needing full time care and being in and out of the hospital, I would never be able attend a conventional nail school with my demanding schedule, but with the TAOND curriculum I can work at my own pace while taking care of my girls. The program is just as good if not better than what many conventional schools offer nail techs.
Posted By: Melanie Kowallis
Santa Clarita, CA
"First I would like to thank TAOND for creating such a detail oriented course, that is easily available. The staff are super helpful and very positive. My Mentor Brittany was extremely fast at replying whenever I had Questions and always gave both positive and constructive feedback so I could get the most out of each section of the course. Since you can work at your own pace and go on at any time of day there is no scheduling to stick to. Having now completed the Acrylic Mini Course I am more confident in my skills and look forward to my future in the nail industry. Keep up the good work."
Posted By: Melinda Patoff
Mississauga, Ontario
TAOND has been amazing for me! Being able to do it at my pace is brilliant for me and my family (five kids makes for busy life) plus working, Im able to study when I can, and finish as I can. The support I get, is amazing and what I love the most, is the information you get!! I've already taken a gel course in my home town, for three times what I paid for the full TAOND course and this, to me, feels like waaaaaaay more information!! Big thank you :)
Posted By: Corrinna Mobley
British Columbia
“The TAOND program was the perfect fit for me. It gave me a solid educational foundation that was customizable and flexible. Perfect for fitting into my (crazy)schedule!
I am excited to be part of such a creative profession and thrilled and excited about what the future holds”
Posted By: Jolandi du Preez
British Columbia
Being a student at TAOND has helped me thrive and be successful in the nail salon industry. Learning online is challenging and rewarding. Compared to in-class training at a local cosmetology school; TAOND helps you gain confidence in yourself as an entrepreneur and pursue your nail salon goals as an independent without depending on someone else. TAOND exclusively focuses on Nail Design. Each student gets the individual attention that is needed and the school is ideal for those who have budget constraints and who work full-time. As a graduate at TAOND, I am better prepared working in the salon industry compared to students who attended a local cosmetology school (where most of their attention focuses on aesthetics and barbering). If you want to attend a school without the ridiculous price tag and is better prepared to teach you the latest trends in the nail industry, choose TAOND - The Academy of Nail Design.
Posted By: Kisa W.

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