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As a qualified but not practicing nail technician I had rediscovered my love of nails and nail art after quite a few years away from the table. I looked around locally, in rural Australia, for a refresher course and specifically a nail art course however there was nothing that ticked all the boxes. I was very excited when I found TAOND and discovered they had courses that suited me and I could do the work online, at a time that suited me. The staff were very helpful, replied to every inquiry and question I had very quickly by email and instilled complete confidence that I would learn in a supported, encouraging environment. And that is exactly what they delivered. The online video tutorials and modules got me up to speed in no time and the nail art course was challenging and pushed me to try and perfect techniques I would never normally have tried which is exactly what I wanted. While an online course always involves a level of self-motivation to get through, if you love nails, want to start or develop a career in nails then TAOND has everything you need. It is an amazing resource in the nail industry and I am so thankful to have found them.
Again, thank you so much for all your encouragement, support and for your wonderful program!
Posted By: Julie Keeble
Thank you Jennifer

The experience with NASP and especially the residency in St.Kitts has been mind blowing. I knew when I started with TAOND that I wanted to specialize in feet. Learning about ingrown nails and the BS Brace to treat them was my first major goal. For this I needed the basic nail tech course so I could take the master pedicurist course. TAOND gave me the knowledge in nails and the skin surrounding the nails as well as common foot care techniques. The master pedicurist course gave me what I needed to know to perform BS brace applications and increased knowledge in pedicures. But as I learned I discovered there is so much more I could do to keep feet and nails health and ready for that pretty polish. My focused turned to preparing case studies and taking additional courses to prepare for the residency program in St.Kitts where I received a bachelor of science in podology.
Part of the program included working in a free clinic performing advanced pedicures. With the advanced pedicure we look at many aspects of the feet and lower leg. The person that took me the longest time had the toes amputated from one foot and a mid foot amputation of the other. Our work on the island reached 855 people in 4 1/2 days. The conditions we where able to see are common on the island as the incidents of diabetes is between 60 and 80% of the population. Also the health care system is such they don't regularly run to the doctor or seek help that may come with a price tag.
Now that I have completed my BScPod I plan to go back and finish my TAOND Derma Care Nail Specialist program. I had completed most of the course before I needed to put most of my time and efforts into the BScPod. The beauty of TAOND meant I could put that part on hold and go back. It may only be the marketing plan I need to finish but I want to be able to review it all.
I love how TAOND allows you to grow in the area you are most interested and at the pace that works for you.
Of course this is just a brief overview of my experience should you wish more details in any area feel free to contact me. Oh and by the way NASP has now introduced a Masters and Phd level. Education is key.

Patti Kozlowski BScPod
Posted By: Patti Kozlowski
Cobourg, Ontario
You all have made the experience of learning not so daunting and so accessible for me. I found the modules informative and up to date with the industry as well as the Tutors amazing in responding to questions concerns and always ready and able to give feedback. I appreciate how quickly the practices were marked after being submitted as it helped keep a flow going once I was doing the actual models and learning the procedures in the flesh and not just reading it. I loved the feedback where to improve and how to do it. It just made me able to perform the services better each time. I waited many years to finally start as a nail professional and I feel I have the tools I need thanks to TAOND to do what I have wanted successfully now!
I would recommend anyone looking into a career in the nail industry to look at TAOND as the perfect fit for any schedule and as well being very very helpful and well rounded going into the industry. Thanks so much!!
Posted By: Jodanna Nordgren
Kelowna BC
TAOND has surpassed my expectations for a great school! The education received is of the highest standard, and the encouragement and positive comments throughout boosted my confidence. I have already recommended this school to so many others wanting to get into the industry and I will continue to recommend! Thank you Jennifer for accommodating my every request and helping me get the perfect education so I can do what I love completely equipped to succeed!
Posted By: Janelle E.
Burns Lake, B.C.
I want to thank The Academy of Nail Design for going above and beyond in helping my fulfill my dream of becoming a certified nail professional! Everyone I've dealt with along my journey has been absolutely amazing and very encouraging. I never realized the quality of education I would be receiving from TAOND. I was able to easily juggle my assignments for this course as well as being a busy mom. I feel confident and experienced in both skills and safety as I go into the professional salon workforce. I am excited to make doing nails my CAREER. I have TAOND and all the instructors to thank for my success and excitement going forward in the nail industry.
Posted By: Adrienne Mason
Eston, SASK.
I've always liked doing nails but never had time or money to attend additional schooling. I work full-time, am a mother of 5 and a grandmother of 3 and I was so glad to be able to do my classes on-line any time of the day or night. The videos were easy to understand, the staff was always available if you had questions and submitting your work on-line wasn't complicated at all. I live in a state that does not accept on-line school towards licensing, so I opted to take the "Just for Fun" and Nail Art courses. It was such a great, positive experience that if my state ever does accept online classes for licensing, I will be enrolling again!
Posted By: Robyn Lockner
North Benton OH
For long time I was doing my own nails and I got lot of compliments on them.So why not to make money out of it,it just make sense doing something what you love and get paid. But how to do so when you have a one year old baby and dad is always working so late? Day school for a year was out of picture.Then I found online programs through TAOND. At first I thought its scam,how could you do something and learn different techniques without teacher in front if you. Well TAOND has great support in printed materials,online tutoring and great community of other students going through same thing as you do. I was able to reach my certificate within a year and now I an ready to take state board exams to get my license in state of Pennsylvania.I just simply love TAOND with very easy financially reachable programs respected across USA and also because of them my dream become true.
Posted By: Monika Harlan
Norwood, PA
I would like to Thank TAOND and all of the wonderful Instructors !!!
I have been wanting to do nails for years as I have always loved experimenting with my own with acrylic and gel products. I knew being a middle aged female that works full time at a different career could in no way find the time or the money to go away to school to become a certified nail technician.
I found TAOND online and read reviews and this totally got me so excited…. Then right from my very first communication with them I found that I was dealing with an amazing group of women that went wayyyyy over and beyond my expectations to help me. They take the time to correspond with you fully and so professional but also straight from the heart. You can really tell they love their job and just truly want to help their students.
It is an amazing coarse and I found extremely easy but also so full of help and information and at a very small cost compared to going to an actual school.
Thank you soooo much Jennifer and to every wonderful instructor that I had the pleasure to communicate with.
I now have my own little rustic salon in my home so that I can do nails on my spare time and loving it.
Posted By: Gwen R.
Kitimat, B.C.
I have wanted to do nails professionally for a long time but I live in a rural area, away from any classes that were offered. The cost of tuition, travel, hotels, meals, childcare and the timing made it impossible for me. Then I found TAOND. Training with TAOND was the best decision I ever made! Doing assignments and taking tests on my schedule fit perfectly into my already busy life, not to mention the short commute. As a mature (ahem) student, I found the material easy to follow and fun to learn. The program and staff at TAOND are exceptional! The comments and feedback they give are very detailed and informative. If you're debating or procrastinating, don't waste any more time - sign up with TAOND today! A huge thank you to the entire TAOND team, without you I would not be a gel technician today. Sincerely, Brenda B
Posted By: Brenda B.
Pennant, Saskatchewan
I am so happy to have found TAOND. I highly recommend this course to everyone and anyone that is interested in becoming a Nail Technician. The fact that you can complete this course online and at your own pace was perfect for me while working full time. The help that you receive from Jennifer and/or Nancy is beyond helpful. They are always fast at responding to emails or phone calls and are always willing to go above and beyond to help with any issues or questions you may have. Thank you so much for everything and all the help and knowledge you have taught me. I am proud to officially be a certified Nail Technician and even more proud to have been a TAOND student! xoxo
Posted By: Brittany Cahill
Summerside, PE

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