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I have wanted to do nails professionally for a long time but I live in a rural area, away from any classes that were offered. The cost of tuition, travel, hotels, meals, childcare and the timing made it impossible for me. Then I found TAOND. Training with TAOND was the best decision I ever made! Doing assignments and taking tests on my schedule fit perfectly into my already busy life, not to mention the short commute. As a mature (ahem) student, I found the material easy to follow and fun to learn. The program and staff at TAOND are exceptional! The comments and feedback they give are very detailed and informative. If you're debating or procrastinating, don't waste any more time - sign up with TAOND today! A huge thank you to the entire TAOND team, without you I would not be a gel technician today. Sincerely, Brenda B
Posted By: Brenda B.
Pennant, Saskatchewan
Being from a smaller center and unable to physically attend a nail school, I was thrilled to discover TAOND! From registration to completing the course materials , I found TAOND very easy to work and learn with. The course is very in depth, and the instructors provided fantastic support with any questions I had. I found it very convenient to work at my own pace, and appreciated the very timely feedback on my assignments and practical work. I would definitely recommend TAOND for anyone wishing to embark on this career! Thanks so much Jennifer!
Posted By: Claire D.
Swift Current SASK.
"My big nail art issues were acrylic flowers and 3D gel foiling.. I tried to do it on my own using YouTube videos but failed.. Being a tech graduate of TAOND I decided to take the Nail Art program to conquer my fears. Thanks to Nancy's April webinar I now can do the foiling! After finally being successful with that I went headfirst into the flowers & now I can do them too! I have recommended many of my friends to TAOND, even if it's just for the "Just for Fun" package and I will continue to do so. I just LOVE TAOND, Jennifer & Nancy!"
Posted By: Lisanne W.
St. Catharines, Ontario
I am so thankful for TAOND thanks to them I was able to stay home and do something I love! I found many online courses but they were the one that stuck out to me the most! I could do exactly what I wanted to do without having the complete things I wasn't interested in! They made it so easy for me to be a stay at home mom and a nail technician! I learned so much from the courses and the videos are so helpful! So proud to be able to say I'm a certified nail technician! Couldn't have done it without TAOND!
Posted By: Jacqueline C.
Labrador City, NFLD
To Jennifer and the staff of The Academy of Nail Design,
Thank you all for the support you gave me while taking the Derma Care Nail Specialist course. I loved every minute of it and learned so much, it has been a real game changer in my practice.
Having to fill out the Client Practice sheets and thinking through each step of the service really helped me to analyze my client's nails and skin more precisely making me better able to deliver a superior service with better results. I am now adding new, more prescriptive services to my menu and will be able to increase my income while delivering more customized and results oriented services.
In addition to that, I have added many new products as retail offerings based on the research I did for the course. Who knew there were so many problem solving remedies out there? My clients have been thrilled with their results and word is spreading quickly. I am so glad I took this course. With appreciation.
Posted By: Rose G.
Stafford Springs, Connecticut
The Academy Of Nail Design was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was searching online when I found it one day, being a mom full time and teaching as well I never thought I would be able to do it. However, TAOND made it happen for me. I was able to go at my own pace and take time in the evenings and weekends or whenever I had free time to do it. It is a fabulous course and taught me so much. Now I am proud to call myself a Nail Tech! Thanks so much TAOND for helping a small town girls dreams come true!
Posted By: Corrie B.
Much like many others, I had my reservations about enrolling in such a "hands on" course online. Having never had ANY experience in most of the course modules, it was very intimidating to think I would be relying on myself to follow through with the work needed to complete the course. However, after mustering up the courage to give it a try - upon enrollment, I was pleasantly surprised to see just how involved the instructors really are! I was able to complete The Full certificate program while working full time, and caring for my busy family. I really enjoyed the easy flow of the course - Any questions i had regarding the curriculum be it practical or theory were answered quickly and never left me second guessing - After taking this course I am left feeling confident about my services. I would, without a doubt recommend The Academy of Nail Design to any and ALL aspiring Nail technicians,or even if you are just wanting to have fun.... you can work at your own pace, the modules are easy to follow and the instructors are AMAZING to work with! I for one, cannot wait to start my "Derma Care Nail Specialist Program!
Posted By: Suzanne F.
Petawawa, Ontario
I could not be happier that I chose The Academy of Nail Design for this online nail course. I completed the Natural Nail Specialist certificate while working full time and it was amazing to be able to work on the course at my own pace. I will admit I was hesitant to enroll in an online course for nails but can assure you the support I received and the curriculum given had me learning better than I ever have in any in-class course. The quizzes and assignments given in the theory portion are extremely practical and helped prepare me for working with clients and learn the material. On top of this Jennifer was so supportive and was quickly available with in depth answers to any and all of my questions. The feedback given for my practical assignments was so encouraging and really boosted my confidence. As you can see I cannot say enough good things about this school! I promise you won't regret enrolling with The Academy of Nail Design.
Posted By: Alison T.
Thunder Bay, Ontario
" I took this course while I was pregnant with my now youngest daughter, my husband pushed me to do something that I would love to do and when we found this course I was happy it allowed me to work on it on my time, and not have committed times everyday. I was able to take my computer anywhere and work on the course, and now I am fully certified and run my own nail business out of a salon and am doing well! Thanks to Jennifer for all your help through out this last year if not for you and TAOND I would not be where I am today"

Thanks TAOND!
Taija Hall
Posted By: Taija Hall
mother of 4 amazing children, dryden ontario
Having now completed the Nail Technician course I am thrilled with the knowledge and technical information I have gained. I am confident that the materials studied have prepared me for an exciting career in the nail industry. I really appreciated the feedback offered from TAOND on all my assignments and was very encouraged by the detailed observations and suggestions given for constructive improvement; I never felt discouraged!! I would recommend this program to anyone looking for the Nail Technician certification tailored to your needs, on your terms, and on your own schedule making it achievable for your lifestyle. Awesome!
Posted By: Karen L.
Dwight, Ontario

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