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I really enjoyed all the courses at TAOND and I am so glad I chose this school over other more expensive schools that wouldn’t fit my schedule. The staff at TAOND was more than helpful if I had any issues or questions and made the whole learning experience very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone that wants to learn to be a nail technician at their own pace and in their free time. Thanks again for all of your help Jennifer!
Posted By: Kimberly A.
New Kensington, Pennsylvania
This course was so interesting! This is my first time doing a course online, and never had I thought that it would have been
so exciting at every new module. Learning to be a nail technician at the Academy of Nail Design was so much fun. Each
module was well explained and easy to understand. Response to my emails were quick and helpful. No headaches about time or help with any modules.
I recommend this online course because I did it, and I achieved the knowledge and my goal of being a nail technician!
Posted By: Sheryl E.
Les Abymes, Guadeloupe
Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Jennifer, for all her help while doing this on-line course. Like many others who look at this course on-line and are not sure it's the best for you. I wish to tell you that I was like you.. very hesitant. I contacted Jennifer with a lot of questions before signing up. She was amazing and so honest and up front. I signed up right away. It's a great way to learn at your own pace while always having Jennifer in your back pocket. She responds right away with any questions you have. I would not hesitate in recommending this or any of her courses to anyone. Thank you so much Jennifer.
Posted By: Astrid P.
Newmarket, Ontario
If you are like me and prefer to learn independently at your own pace without a teacher hovering over you then this course is for you.. I wasn't sure how this would work online, how different it would be but it's actually no different at all... Your classroom & workstation is your home... I did some theory in my pj's! The staff are extremely positive, the study manual is very comprehensive and well laid-out.. The criticism on your practical work is very helpful... TAOND is definitely the place for you if you want a new career on your own time!
Posted By: Lisanne W.
St. Catharines, Ontario
This program was perfect for me! I work in a nursing department and have a busy family life and this program fit around my schedule! TAOND was very knowledgeable and answered my every question within the hour or day and provided so many resources, advice and amazing support. I am in the process of opening my own shop and with the clients I built with this course feel confident providing professional services.
Posted By: Beth Ann C.
Terrace Bay, Ontario
I took the "JUST FOR FUN" online nail tech course and it was a big boost for me. It helped me get on the right track to creating beautiful nails. I would highly recommend this course for those who want to learn proper nail care and have a desire to design beautiful nails. The TAOND online school inspired me to consider further advancement. TAOND is a great way to get you started and in the right direction to be a great nail technician!
Posted By: Kisa W.
The Academy of Nail Design opened a huge door for me! I never would have dreamed that I would find a Nail Specialist school online that was so affordable and reputable. I had been searching locally for a technical school that offered the program but I kept running into the same problem, the hours did not coincide with my work schedule and the tuition was always sky high. I ran out of solutions until one day I did a random search online and found The Academy of Nail Design! The website was great and it seemed like an easy enough process to get started. So I went with my notion and started the program and boy was I happy I did! The modules were fun and easy to understand and I learned a whole lot with the step by step videos for the practical applications. The Academy of Nail Design is a great Nail Specialist course with an even greater staff! Everyone was polite & helpful and now I am a Professional Nail Specialist Graduate and I have The Academy of Nail Design to thank!! Thank you!
Posted By: Brandi M.
Brandenton, FL
I would really like to thank TAOND for the support and encouragement they have given me throughout this process. It was scary at first but working at my pace and taking my time to get it right made my confidence grow and now I feel super excited to start this new adventure! The modules were well spaced out to ensure you got the right techniques in the right order.
Thanks Jennifer for this program!
Posted By: Nancy M.
Coquitlam, B.C.
What a great course this was! I was impress in how in depth this course was, and how easy it was to study and follow the courses materials. It feels great to embark on this new career as a nail technician. I was worried at first on how I was going to learn everything needed to be a nail technician online. But wow it worked out great! Working at my own speed, all the course material was in depth but still easy to learn from, and quick responses to any question I had. It was definitely a great decision I made, no regret at all. I am and feel like a professional nail technician. Thank you TAOND -what a great program!
Posted By: Tina Kelley
Red Deer, Alberta
I would like to give you a testimonial about The Academy of Nail Design program. My name is Louise and I would say that this course was very informative and had lots of material to learn from. Plus a great starter kit. Jennifer was a great teacher and was there for support when you needed help or guidance. I have recommended this course already to a friend at work and I would recommend to many other people. The client sheets gave me lots of practice and allowed my customers input on how their service was. They were very, very helpful. I have enjoyed this course as it suited my schedule and you did not need to travel to school. You could do as much as you want and the price was very reasonable. And they had many courses to choose from. Which was also nice.
Posted By: Louise M.
Kitchener, Ontario

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