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What a great course this was! I was impress in how in depth this course was, and how easy it was to study and follow the courses materials. It feels great to embark on this new career as a nail technician. I was worried at first on how I was going to learn everything needed to be a nail technician online. But wow it worked out great! Working at my own speed, all the course material was in depth but still easy to learn from, and quick responses to any question I had. It was definitely a great decision I made, no regret at all. I am and feel like a professional nail technician. Thank you TAOND -what a great program!
Posted By: Tina Kelley
Red Deer, Alberta
I would like to give you a testimonial about The Academy of Nail Design program. My name is Louise and I would say that this course was very informative and had lots of material to learn from. Plus a great starter kit. Jennifer was a great teacher and was there for support when you needed help or guidance. I have recommended this course already to a friend at work and I would recommend to many other people. The client sheets gave me lots of practice and allowed my customers input on how their service was. They were very, very helpful. I have enjoyed this course as it suited my schedule and you did not need to travel to school. You could do as much as you want and the price was very reasonable. And they had many courses to choose from. Which was also nice.
Posted By: Louise M.
Kitchener, Ontario
Thank you again for such an awesome, and in depth course. It was great having the videos to learn from and reference to in case I was unsure of my steps. The course material was current and thorough and overall I really enjoyed the course. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for helping me accomplish my dream of becoming a Nail Technician. Anyone who is interested in taking an online nail course should take this one as I have every confidence they will love it, and succeed. Thanks again :)
Tanya D., Barrie ON
Posted By: Tanya D.
Barrie, Ontario
"I'm thrilled to call myself a nail professional! I remember about a year ago when I was thinking of becoming a nail technician and was so over whelmed with all the courses and costs it would take to get there, but this course was affordable and I could complete it at my own pace. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you for your time and assistance. I would recommend this course to anyone that has a busy life style and a budget.
Thank you Jennifer you have been wonderful during this learning process!"
Ashley L. Edmonton, Alberta
Posted By: Ashley L.
Edmonton, AB
I have just completed the UV Gel Mini Certificate Program. I chose the on line course because of the convenience of working at your own pace and at your own convenient time. I have a full time job in a smaller community, traveling to the city for classes just wasn't an option for me. So I was trilled when I discovered this course! Jennifer and the team at TAOND were excellent, if I had a question, they were very quick to answer. They gave honest constructive feedback, in a very positive encouraging manner. I purchased the Gina Wallace nail hand trainer to get me started, it was great. I had some confidence before I had a real person, I found it to be a real helpful tool. Thanks to TAOND I now have the confidence and skills to do UV gel finger nails, toe nails for clients and I also do my own which is a bonus! I love doing UV Gel nails, I am so happy I took this course. Thanks to everyone at TAOND for all your help and encouragement!
Sincerely, Cindy P.
Posted By: Cindy P.
Wynyard, SASK.
I just completed my UV Gel Mini Certificate Program. In the beginning I debated on the benefits of an online program or an in class program somewhere else. In the end, the online program won out. I own my own salon and having to shut it down to go in class for several days (closest to me is 3 hours away) and then the several trips out of town afterwards was not an option. This was so perfect for me. And knowing I had to do the 10 sets, 10 fills & 5 sculpted was a little intimidating, but I knew by the time I finished all that I would be so far ahead with my technique then I would have been elsewhere (they only require 10 & a lot of their students finish still not doing well at their nails). Any questions I had (& I had a lot) were always answered quickly by Jennifer. She had a lot of patience, ha ha. But now I feel like I can move ahead with my career knowing I have all the knowledge and skills I need. I am so excited to start offering this new service in my salon and so are my clients. The sky's the limit! Thank you to everyone at the Academy of Nail Design for everything!!
Posted By: Wanda B.
Marystown, NewFoundland
Well I have just completed my course and I am now a nail professional…wow!!! Such an accomplishment! When I first thought about doing this course, I was very indecisive. It took me a few days and some convincing from Jen to get me to make my decision. It all seemed so overwhelming for me at first, the assignments, the tests, the 20 manicures, 20 pedicures… but Jen was so amazing as a teacher. She always had good words of encouragement to help me boost my confidence. I have always wanted to take a course like this and today I am so glad I did.
The course was awesome and easy to follow and they were always there to help when I had a question or a concern. I do not regret it one bit. I have learned so much through this course and it has really helped me boost my confidence in my work. I would love to thank The Academy of Nail Design for this amazing experience and I am hoping to upgrade here in the near future.
Thanks a million!
Posted By: Johanne C.
New Liskeard, Ontario
I was so glad to find TAOND.

I knew right away that I wanted to take the Gel nail course. I loved the ability to do this from my home. I learned so much from taking it. It was a wonderful experience.

I would recommend it to everyone that loves their nails to look and be their best, (as well as helping others that want the same for theirs) to take this course.

You will not be disappointed!!!
Posted By: Cindy M.
"Jennifer, I would like to congratulate and thank you and the The Academy of Nail Design, on helping me to achieve one of the most important milestone in my life so far. 2 Years ago when I first became interested in doing my own nails as a hobby, I had absolutely no idea that 2 years later I would be completing my Certificate as a Nail technician.

Nails have been a passionate love of mine from a very young age. To finally achieve a Certificate as a Nail tech is a dream come true and all thanks to the professionalism of The Academy of Nail Design. I chose The Academy of Nail Design over serveral other schools advertised on the internet as the course was far superior in presentation, style, aesthetics, information, cost and suitabiliy.

The course has been a much loved challenge as I had never previously attempted anything by correspondence. I found the course actually propelling me forward, breaking new boundaries and trying to excel further, to the best of my ability. The online course allowed me to access the modules and complete my assignments in my own time. This was crucial to me, being a Mother and working full time. The modules are excellently crafted. The information is concise and easy to understand. The assignments compliment each module so not only are you learning the important theoretical aspects of nails and the nail industry, but also putting it into practice as quickly as possible.

The feedback from Jennifer on various submissions and ideas were always spot on. Plus, it was never a case of right or wrong but simply a way to perhaps do it better. After completing my Certificate as a Nail tech with The Academy of Nail Design , I have gone from doing what I thought were nice nails to creating beautiful nails. This is a huge successful leap for me.

I now have the qualification to turn my passion into a career. I also feel confident to interact with people in the industry and turn my dreams into a reality. I am so excited to start my own small business and create beautiful nails. My plans are currently on track, and I am sometimes overwhelmed with excitement when I see what is possible for me to achieve in the next year.

If anyone is thinking of turning their hobby or passion into a full-time profession Jennifer and the team at The Academy of Nail Design have the ability to help make it happen. Don t allow yourself the chance of looking in years to come and thinking I wish I should ve. Just take a deep breath and do it. You may be pleasantly surprised at what can happen.

Thank you once again to the team at The Academy of Nail Design for a job well done and making this so worthwhile. I Highly recommend this course to everyone!"
Posted By: Peggy-Ann C.
Bonaventure, Quebec
After some research on different schools, and spending hours on the internet I discovered, The Academy of Nail Design.

Jennifer McKittrick another successful woman in her own began in Toronto. intently listening to women concerned about" their care experience" was the foundation and catalyst; in the creation of The Academy of Nail Design.

This particular program is designed for independent study. The programs are various from natural nail care to some of the industries more popular gel or acrylic. You choose from the start what you desire for a business model.

Many individuals seek affordable and accessible programs. You can begin with a mini certificate or select a more comprehensive program. Kits are designed with your success in mind You have full control. New programs are offered as the industry is growing.

Support is this companies greatest asset. Timely responses, and committed encouragement is one of the many areas Jennifer excels. Every person is encouraged to discuss creative ideas, and receive feedback. Over time Jennifer realized students needed further supports and provided an open forum or chat room to registered students seeking further support.

I felt totally supported for success. The program has an easy to follow method with literature to study, step by step demos, and of course materials to use with confidence.

The day my kit arrived I was excited. But nothing prepared me for all the high end products. Cuccio is an Italian line of fine skin care products sure to please your clientele.(Enjoy your kits)

Committed to "Natural Nail Care", and my new clientele. Feedback was instant. Clients were quick to acknowledge the quality of the products presented. It became obvious the approach to gentle hands on care, was a new experience for many woman.

On a personal note,Jennifer you have given me an opportunity to choose my path to success. You made me feel supported, and I truly enjoyed discussing ideas. The Academy of Nail Design's business statement is to have all nail care specialists certified for a higher standard of care.

My 1st choice, and many others agree.
Posted By: Mary N.
Sundridge, Ontario

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