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"The overall experience with TAOND was terrific. I couldn't have chosen a better school to obtain my education/certificate. The online course was very easy to understand and the demo's were excellent. Great for your hands on techniques. Being from a small town, the academy made accessibility to resources and being able to obtain a certificate much more reachable. Also, if I had any concerns or questions, the quick replies from yourself was astounding. You are truly dedicated to the business. I would recommend this Academy to anyone looking to get into the business of being a at home nail tech or even working/owning a salon.

Way to go TAOND & keep up the amazing work !!"
Posted By: Sherri C.
Eddie's Cove, NFL
I have always had an interest in nails. I just finished a Psychology degree and was at a crossroads with what I wanted to do with my life. I decided to take the time and learn more about the nail profession. I had a hard time finding a program that seemed like the right fit for me.

I managed to find one 2 day course being offered in Newfoundland but the cost was $2000. I don't know about other people, but I don't have that kind of money just sitting around. I kept looking online and happened to come across the TAOND website. I was pleasantly surprised that a distance nail course existed. I was even more impressed when I saw that you can customize the program to your own interests. I immediately signed up!

The program was fantastic. It taught me everything I needed to know! Jennifer was amazing! She was available to answer any question at all. She was excited to help with anything. Her enthusiasm was evident in each email and gave me a boost of confidence when I needed it.

I just finished my gel nail course and am excited to begin working. I could not have done this without Jennifer and this online course! Thanks so much!
Posted By: Michelle Y.
Mount Pearl, NFL.
I want to thank TAOND for the wonderful program they offer. I have a very busy life with my family. TAOND made it possible to obtain my nail tech certificate and still balance my family. Great payment plan which makes it affordable and working at your own pace made it easy to accomplish. Also any questions I ever had they were just a phone call away, great instructor on the line. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to get into the profession. Thanks again TAOND!
Posted By: Chantelle R.
Oxbow, SASK
I was very glad that The Academy of Nail Design offers the “NT” program online. I was actually very excited to hear about the program when I found out, I've search but I couldn't find an "NT" program out there that was promising and reliable. The "NT" online program allows you to have a flexible time to learn your materials and finish your projects or assignments at your own pace, and that's what I love so much about it!

It worked perfectly with my busy schedule as a Mom.

I have learned so much from this program. Jennifer is very knowledgeable and helpful. I could ask anything to her, no question was a stupid question, and I thank her for that. Jennifer is awesome!

Overall, this is a wonderful program. What more could you ask for with this program- it is very convenient, the cost is reasonable and they break it down into payments so you can afford it. Totally recommend it to other Moms out there or ladies interested in getting into the salon business.
Posted By: Gladys C.
Okinawa, Japan
Taking the training online was great. Being able to do the training from home makes alot of difference. I would have had to travel 2hrs one way, twice a week for approx. 5 weeks to get my certificate.

The amount of money involved for the gas there and back, the travel time, maybe a stay in a hotel would have been outrageous. With the online, I stayed home and worked on my own schedule. The only cost involved was the cost of the course and the nail trainer.

The tutoring was great. Jennifer was very helpful and patient. Sort of an online friend.

Being able to email pictures of my work also helped with the cost, cutting down the mailing. A good camera and lots of hand snaps really works.

Overall the online course was the best for me, practical and economical.

Thank you for helping me get the training that I had been putting off because of the inconvenience of other courses.
Posted By: Sandra F.
Edson, Alberta
I had wanted to be a nail tech for quite some time, but I knew that attending regular classes would not work for me. I was ecstatic when I came across TAOND! This program allowed me to work at my own pace. Having a family of five, I was always busy.

It was easy to submit assignments, and when I need help or instruction, I always got an immediate response. I now look forward to working in the profession, thank you so much TAOND!
Posted By: Lovene M.
Pelly, SASK
Thank you and TAOND for offering such an amazing course. Your support and quick reply's for all my questions was appreciated. Having the opportunity to obtain my certificate online and at my own pace has been wonderful. I already have my new career in motion, clientele and my rented room with a local salon. Thanks to your course I have obtained a new and exciting career in about a months time.
Posted By: Joyce E.
Estevan, Saskatchewan
Thanks so much to you and TAOND for making it possible to obtain my nail tech certificate online! I have 4 busy kids and no real time to go out to class everyday, so it was nice to do the program at my own pace and on my own schedule to make appointments for practice or study. Plus it was a money saver. The closest nail tech course is off island and about 2 hours each way, so travel costs plus lodging was always a deterrent in trying to obtain my course. This course was definitely a stepping stone to opening my own salon!! Thanks again!!
Posted By: Tegan S.
Bedeque, P.E.I
To find a distance learning course that was specific to just pedicures for me was a great challenge, as well as a very costly one and not Canadian. When I found The Academy of Nail Design, I was thrilled, although I did have many questions to ask, they were answered promptly and always with the welcome of please ask more.

Jennifer was an absolute pleasure to deal with, and gave great feedback and always kept the positive side and encouragement. Distance education is not always the simplest way of learning especially with a hands on course such as nails. Again, thank you for providing the course, support and affordable way of learning. Kudos to you and your school!
Posted By: Marina P.
Grand Forks, B.C.
I wanted to send a note to thank Jen for having this online Nail Tech Course and thanking her for putting up with all my silly questions and panics over the last several months Her answers to my questions all made sense and helped me through the tough trials of learning to do Nail Applications.

I was 20 years working in a restaurant, and now it was time for me to do something for me. I knew I loved nice nails and had a friend in the business who loved her job and makes huge money, so I did some checking on how I could get into it. We have a 4 day nail course where I live here in Sarnia Ontario but it’s so expensive, plus who can learn anything in 4 days! So I was looking on the internet and found this online course, TAOND last May 08, with working full
time I have completed the course in just over 7 months. Two days ago I have been offered a job at a high end salon with ability to make almost $40 an hour when I get my speed up on my applications and build up my clientele.
They hired me because they think I am doing a fantastic job with nail services and know I will have great success in the business, they even mentioned partnership. I start next Wednesday At 43 I am feeling very proud of myself for making the decision to do this online course. It was the best option out there and it has paid off, and it works if you are serious about putting in the effort and time to learn to do beautiful nails. Now I am a Certified Nail Technician and ready to start a new career in 4 days.

Thank you again Jennifer and TAOND for everything.

If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me
Posted By: Pamela N.
Sarnia, Ontario

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