Why Choose A TAOND Online Nail Program Over Any Other Program?

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The Answers Are Simple.

  • Your Nail Education is extremely important, but it should also fit your lifestyle!
  • At TAOND we've created programs that are not only extremely comprehensive and professionally focused, but we've made them so you can control your education.
  • No more boring classroom lectures that don't fit your schedule.
  • And no more over-priced courses that leave you feeling unprepared!
So many times over the years (and we've been doing this since 2000) folks have questioned whether or not an online nail training program can compete with an in-class program. Our first question (and yours should be), "Why Not?"

We provide an affordable, flexible training environment based on budget and lifestyle, comprehensive training materials, in-depth step by step training, extensive support including one-on one teacher feedback on all your program work, LIVE examinations and a collaborative student sharing environment.

Here's a chart we put together to compare our Online Program with an in-class experience to finally answer the question,
"Can I really learn to perform Professional Nail services ONLINE?"

Let's Compare Online vs. In class Training to see which better suits you!
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Now Let's Compare Our TAOND Online Program to Any other Online Program!

  • We have our very own Trademarked T.A.O.N.D. Teaching Method (read more about it below)
  • We cover every aspect of Professional Training both theoretical and practical
  • We have a Vibrant and Supportive TAOND Community - Join the discussion, Ask a Question, Post your work and More!
  • We have LIVE Examinations
  • We hold LIVE Online Webinars - We have one-on-one TAOND Tutoring Assistance
  • We have LIVE Community Discussions with our 'Coffee & Nail Talk'
  • We've created Unique Aspects to our Programs such as our "Let's Go Shopping" Module & our TAOND Student Resource Centre
  • And our Completely Interactive 'Client Care Scenario' Module 

Get the education you need - at the price you can afford - on a schedule that you create.

Those aren't the only reasons our programs are different. The proof is in how our TAOND Grads feel about their training experience with us.Take a moment to check out what just some of our Grads have to say about our programs - TAOND TESTIMONIALS

Here are several other reasons why our programs are the best!

What is the Trademarked T.A.O.N.D. Method and what makes it different?

Most nail schools continue to follow the same teaching principles which haven't changed in decades. They run you through their theory, decontamination protocols, anatomy, nail disease and disorders, then go over and over the application techniques for whichever services you are required to learn. Then you are required to complete quizzes or exams, regurgitating the material your instructor went over in class - 'same old same old' - BORING!

With our unique and exciting Trademarked T.A.O.N.D. Method not only do we expose you to the proper professionally required theory that you'll need in order to work safely and professionally, along with step by step instructions on creating stunning applications - BUT Our Ultimate Goal is to CHALLENGE YOU!
In our program we have created a learning environment designed to get you thinking 'outside the box', not just repeating instructor lead lectures. Who wants to sit in a classroom all day listening to an instructor go on and on reading from an out-dated textbook?

Wouldn't you rather be able to learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your home, with your program materials available to you 24 hours a day, and most importantly on a budget that suits your lifestyle? These are the reasons we created this amazing online experience in the first place!

Our incredible and unique Module Assignments will stimulate not only your intellectual capacity, but will also teach you how to apply all the program material into a manner that you'll be using everyday in your new career.
  • You'll be creating your very own Service Menus that you can use in your new career
  • You'll be creating actual handouts that you'll be giving to your clientele
  • We'll get you thinking about how you are going to start your career, what career options there are for you outside of working all day in a salon
  • We'll get you started on building a clientele before you even hang out your business shingle, letting you graduate in a position to already start earning money
  • Your practical work will be reviewed thoroughly and teacher feedback will be provided on a consistent basis in order to best guide you to creating amazing professional applications
  • We get you thinking about where will your career be in 1 year, 5 years or even 10 years
  • We'll get you thinking independently not just repeating what is told to you
  • We'll teach you how to research and think critically about material presented from all sources
  • We'll get you out and start chatting to 'real people' who go to the salon - therefore helping you understand how they feel about the nail industry? What kind of services they really want, and how you can meet their needs in your new career?
We feel that our unique method of challenging you sets our program apart from all others whether it be in class or online.

The Academy of Nail Design has been offering online nail training to students from all over the world for more than 19 years!

We were the very first online nail program and with our innovative technology, current and comprehensive program materials, amazing student support systems, we keep setting the pace that all others follow. Not only is The Academy of Nail Design a Certified Institute with Canada's Human Resources and Skills Development (which means your tuition is completely deductible), we are also rated an A by the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

So you can rest assured that we hold ourselves to the highest level of professional delivery and support standards.

TAOND is also Accredited by W.C.I. (World Certification Institute) and the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners.
No other program in the world can say that.
The Academy of Nail Design is also a Proud Official Sponsor of The Canada Nail Cup. And our Programs are Featured in NAILS Magazine

Our TAOND Students RAVE about their experiences in our programs - CLICK HERE to check out our Student Testimonials
And we show you the beautiful work our TAOND students create in our programs.
Just check out our BRAND NEW TAOND Look Book, and our Social Media

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No one else offers the full range of programs that TAOND does. Whether you are looking for a Full Professional Certificate Program, An Apprenticeship Program, a MINI Certificate Program OR even just to Learn For Fun - we cover it all! AND in each of our programs you'll find easy-to-follow, well detailed instructions on how to create your beautiful applications.

It has always been our goal to raise the level of standards for Nail Professionals from all over the world and now TAOND gives our Grads the opportunity to EARN MORE with Professional Designations that tell your clients that you've taken the steps to raise your professional status with our TAOND W.C.P. (World Certified Professional), our D.C.N.S. (Derma Care Nail Specialist)  AND BRAND NEW TAOND CERTIFIED MASTER NAIL PROFESSIONAL Designations.

Not only do these professional designations raise your status, but they raise your REVENUE EARNING ABILITY! Nail Professionals with professional designations behind their names have gained the right to earn more!! We are absolutely THRILLED to be the Only Program in the WORLD that can offer you both these designation opportunities!

The Amazing thing about our Online Nail Programs is that whether you need to complete 100 hours or 600 hours, all our TAOND Online Nail Programs are tailored specifically for your needs. Our programs go beyond a 'one size fits all' manner of thinking. Students from all over the world have different requirements and we tailor your online program specifically for YOU!

No one else offers an online nail program that is this incredibly comprehensive, easy to follow, with such high professional standards for such an incredible cost. AND we offer you the ability to create your own payment schedule! For those on a budget, now reaching your professional goals is more affordable then ever!

With our TAOND Online Training you can log in at any time of the day or night and complete your program work. No more abiding by classroom schedules that don't fit your lifestyle. Our Online Programs are always open - 24 hours a day.  We have no time limits to our programs. No one gets punished for 'having a life'. Complete your program on your schedule.

We hold our TAOND students to the highest level of professionalism. We challenge our students with program materials that get them 'thinking outside of the box' and we also provide exciting program assignments that spark your imagination to get your professional and creative juices flowing. We feel that our unique online programs delve into areas of the industry not always addressed by other programs. Our goal is to get you 'career ready and confident' not only with proper training, but also to create an independent way of approaching your career, your customer service AND your service offerings.

With every program purchase we are here to support your success! Not only do we have an original TAOND Student Resource Centre that no one else offers, which is chock full of fabulous industry articles, extra 'how to' videos, and best of all - you can also share with and support other TAOND students. We also pride ourselves on our responsive and comprehensive email or telephone support to assist you with all your program questions. We're here to make sure you reach your professional goals!

Join us in our very own TAOND Community. We've created specialty private TAOND 'Members Only' Group that allow our students to share, ask and participate with each other.

And our LATEST and GREATEST NEW Addition - is our TAOND TUTORS.

Now on top of our in-depth Program and Practical Work feedback and Guidance TAOND students can set up their very own personalized WEB TUTORING SESSIONS to receive One-On-One Tutoring -LIVE in 'Real Time'.

Show your work for instant feedback, ask for LIVE Tutor Demos of different techniques as well as service tips & hints to continuously improve your techniques!
Our motto is - Your Success is Our Success.

Does any other school offer you that? If they don't you may want to ask yourself  'What are they hiding?' For some of you this may be the first time you've ever considered taking an online program and you may not be sure how it all works.

No problem - We completely understand!  We are so confident that you'll love our online nail programs, that we offer everyone who visits our website the ability to try out our FULL CERTIFICATE PROGRAM MODULE 1 For FREE!

You can find out first hand just how easy to follow and comprehensive our programs are. Just CLICK HERE  and try out  a Module for FREE!
Absolutely No Obligations!

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