"Master Level" Nail Art Course

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TAOND and The Inspired
are working together to bring you exclusive access to our very popular "Sneak Peek Week", where you can learn nail art online for one week for FREE! 
Doors will open soon to The Inspired online again exclusively for our TAOND Students, with a fabulous offer, only available through TAOND.
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 Who is Sam Biddle?
"Having spent years in the industry, as a nail tech just like you, salon owner and educator, I have devoted my time to help nail techs all over the world find their inner creative warrior. Why? Because it is not just about art and nails.   I really believe we need to have the confidence in our own abilities, the inner knowledge that we are good enough and the drive to share our colourful joy with our clients and the world. I want to give all nail technicians the confidence to change their nail world and get what they want from it.  Yes maybe I do it with art and nails, but we all have our secret weapons and showing you how to get the most out of your nail career through the medium of nail art is mine. You came here wanting to learn nail art, well you’re going to walk away with a lot more than that!  But in a nut shell, you are about to embark on an amazing journey of colour, nails and a whole bunch of other cool things which will not just make your business grow, but your confidence and skills too. At first, I designed a regular nail art course because, to be honest with you, I love nail art, but it seems after 2 years and working with over 600 members, it has turned into something else entirely."

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So what’s so special about this 'Sneak Peek' week?

     Sam's Online Lessons

These are NOT those half-baked lessons that don’t give you the whole story on Youtube or Facebook, Sam actually teaches you something. You also get additional materials and bonus videos to help you complete the week.

Sam's Feedback & Coaching

Sam is with you, literally by your digital side during this week. How?
Well, it is not just the free lessons you get, you also get feedback. 
Sam will be helping you complete the lessons, and giving you feedback on your work during this week.

Free For A Week

This Sneak Peek Week is an opportunity to check out what it is like learning online with Sam, a small window into the world of Inspired wonderfulness!
You will have access to feedback and online education for the entire Free week.
It is a simple process, sign up for our TAOND & Sam waiting List then get an email when Sam is ready to launch the next Sneak Peek Week! 
There's NO Obligation in the meantime!

So why would sam want to offer students a free week of "Master Level" Nail Art Instruction?

Sam is looking for passionate nail techs to coach
  • Are you frustrated with just not being able to ‘get’ how they do the latest look? 
  • Intimidated with those “OMG how did she do those” nails you see on Facebook!
  • Want to enter a competition and just don’t have the balls…yet?
  • A total nail art novice and have zero ability?
  • Have a hidden inner creative monster, desperate to get out, but have no clue where to start. 
  • Do you feel like there is something missing in your art and just can’t put your finger on it?
  • Maybe you’re just amazing at nail art, but just not getting the recognition. 
  • Perhaps you just need me to hold your hand as you dip your toes into the colourful world of nail art art.
  • Are you that person that craves more? Do you browse Pinterest & Instagram wishing you could do that nail art?
If you have answered yes to any of the above, or are in the least bit interested in adding art to your portfolio, then this is the unique opportunity for you. 

The Inspired online Intrigued? Want to know more...

We're looking for nail Professionals who are interested in Learning
to master Nail Art!

  • Over 126 video workshops, with supporting materials all in one handy online classroom. Simply log in and learn.
  • Upload your work onto the classroom wall, and receive feedback from me, every Tuesday.
  • Access to the private member’s area, where there are additional tutorials, Live sessions & a community of awesome artists.
  • Members perks, including discounts on nail art products & services plus a lifetime discount for Be Creative products.
  • Complete E-workbook, all the handouts, and materials put together in one place for you to use online as a PDF or download. (this is a limited offer, only available if you pay in full)
  • Any new modules purchased and added to your online portal will be eligible for feedback as well
  • Certificate on completion.
  “Expert online education with me is free to travel anywhere, no limitations. Tablet, phone or laptop …  learn on the go!”

How is this course different?

Sam has spent time ensuring this program delivers a learning experience that gives you optimal results and allows a natural creative development, she is with you every step of the way engaged in your education.  Every one of the members gets access to Sam as a virtual one to one! She will be spending time with you to get you where you want to be, from increasing revenue in your business to perfecting fine art skills..

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