TAOND Masters Certificate Component 4

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TAOND CMNP Component 4 - "A CMNP Service is an Individualized Service"
Lip resized with logoNO MORE 'One Size Fits All'.

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Now that you've established your CMNP Consultation process, in this component you'll be creating your Service List of Individualized CMNP Client Services based on all the principles you learned in Component 3, as well as creating one of Today's most popular services - the 'Natural Nail Recovery' program.

We'll be discussing and demoing proper nail prep - things you may not even know you're doing wrong and Mastering your Gel Polish applications.

Because this program is unique and something new, we want you to make sure this is a perfect program for you. So for Full Program Details including; how it works, tuition, terms & conditions and more - CLICK on our CMNP Brochure below
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