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Comes TAOND'S Ultimate Master's Level Certificate
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the International Leader in Online Nail Training for over 21 years is 
Absolutely Thrilled  to Announce our


This Incredibly UNIQUE Program has been Accredited by

The Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners so that means our

TAOND MASTERS Graduates can earn their
Certified Masters Nail Professional (CMNP) Designation
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OK, so you've finished school or you've been working in the nail industry for a little while.  You feel like you've mastered all the basics, you've watched a million Youtube videos...Now what?

It's Time to 'Up Your Nail Game' with TAOND's CMNP Program!

                                            It's Time to Get Interested Again!
                                              It's Time to Get Inspired Again!

                  It's Time to Explore And Start Thinking....'What Box?'

What Is Our TAOND CMNP Program All About?

After having created our TAOND Basic Nail Training Certificate Program over 20 Plus years ago, where we focused solely on getting our students to Master All The Basics of Professional Nail Services, we felt now we want to create something Different, Challenging, Unique, & FUN!
A program to get you inspired on an Advanced level. To get you feeling like you did when you first got into the nail industry!
iStock 000049538428 Small Nail Profressional                                                            Remember That Feeling?
Like everyday brought some new challenge, something to look forward to!  Remember all those early school day 'light bulb moments'?  We want to take you back there.  We want to get you excited about the career you chose again!  Or for those still excited, we want to give you some new 'light bulb' moments!  We want you earning more and taking control of your career!
Who This Program Is For:

This program is a Brand New and Unique approach to Advanced Training and ideal for current Certified or Licensed Nail Professionals who are looking for an Advanced Master Nail Professional Program to enhance both their professional, customer service and business skills in order to optimize their earning power.

This is an online program and is intended for professionals or recent graduates who feel that they are disciplined and driven enough to complete their study and conduct their own independent research. 

BE WARNED  - This is not a 'hand holding' program designed for those who require micro-managing or for the 'faint of heart'.  This is a serious Masters program intended for those who are serious about their education.

TAOND CMNP graduates
get pushed to 'think outside of the box', get creative and encouraged to 'Yearn To Learn'!

**Please note that this is not a Nail Art Program - if you are interested solely in advancing your nail art skills we recommend Sam Biddle's Nail Course.
So - Why Take our TAOND CMNP Program?

Are you looking to expand on your current level of Professionalism?
Challenge yourself on an Educational and Professional level?
Open Your Own Salon or Spa, or just increase your EARNING POWER?



- TAOND Masters Certificate - to be proudly displayed to all your Clientele.  Showcase your New Masters Level of Achievement.

Masters certificate

- Your CMNP Professional Designation - TAOND CMNP Grads are eligible to apply for their Certified Master Nail Professional (CMNP) Professional designation from The Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners (*CEBHCP fees apply).

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You can add your CMNP designation after your name on all your business correspondence & marketing.  For example; Jane Doe, CMNP (Certified Master Nail Professional).  Professional designations are a recognized sign of a major educational achievement and therefore an excellent way to optimize your revenue, and TAOND MASTER GRADS are the only students IN THE WORLD who can apply for this Internationally Recognized Designation!
We're Thrilled To Take You On This Educational Journey With Us!
So Let's Get You Started!
Because this program is unique and something new, we want you to make sure this is a
Perfect Program for you.
So for Full Program Details including; how it works, tuition, terms & conditions and more!
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