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This is the first step towards the Exciting Career you've always dreamed of!

This is our Full TAOND Apprenticeship CERTIFICATE Program Bundle!

You Make A One time Payment for your Program Tuition Bundle and

You get access to your FULL Online Nail Program!

Apprenticing can be a very unique and exciting way to earn your professional license, by allowing you to work at a professional salon earning valuable 'real life' and hands on experience.  Although can be a great way to perfect your practical work, sometimes apprenticeship students can feel a little left out  when it comes to all the proper professional theory that should accompany their learning experience.

Therefore at TAOND we've created a specialty program designed just for Apprentice students.  This amazing Full Apprenticeship Program can be taken before you apprentice or during as a wonderful supplement to your apprenticeship experience.

Does your state accept Apprenticeships?  CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT YOUR STATE PERMISSIONS

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Your exciting Apprenticeship Program includes NOT ONLY our FULL 11 Online Training Modules, but a specially designed Exam Prep Pack that allows you to take practice exams and also provides some tips and insights on exam prep to assist in preparing your for your exam.

Your Full Apprenticeship Program includes: 

All 11 Online Program Modules,  All 11 Module Print out materials, ALL 11 Training Lessons, ALL Tests and Assignments,  And ALL Step By Step Videos for the following subjects:

 - Module 1 - Today's Nail Professional - Professional Ethics and Conduct and Exciting Career Opportunities

 - Module 2 - Basic Human and Comprehensive Nail Anatomy

 - Module 3 - Nail Disease and Disorders

 - Module 4 - Client Assessments and Consultations

 - Module 5 - Salon and Chemical Safety - Proper Decontamination Protocols

 - Module 6 - How to Perform Beautiful Manicures and Spa Manicures

 - Module 7 - Creating Amazing Pedicures and Spa Pedicures

 - Module 8 - Perfecting Fiberglass Enhancements

 - Module 9 -  How to create stunning Acrylic Enhancements including re-balancing and Sculpting

 - Module 10 - The hottest UV Gel Enhancements techniques including re-balancing and Sculpting and Gel Polish

Module 11 - Advanced Client Care - A completely new and innovative interactive experience no one else offers!

PLUS - Your Exam Prep PACK Module

That's our FULL Apprenticeship Program! For Only $529.95!

Here's what else you get with your program purchase

Access to our Incredible

TAOND Student Resource Centre

Which has such fabulous features such as:

The Ability to chat with other TAOND students - Learn all about the nail industry around the globe! 

 - Additional Industry Articles and  Amazingly informative resources!

 - Links and in-depth how to Videos!

 - Special Deals on Memberships to professional Organizations!

 - TAOND Newsletter updates!

 - As well as excellent trouble shooting critiques!

Our TAOND Student Resource Centre was designed to give you

 that 'extra' edge in the nail industry as you begin your exciting new Career!

 And there's MORE!!

 You also get access to our Amazing Shopping Area  Lets go shopping

 Where you can shop choose from literally thousands of professional nail products!

You get so much for one incredible price! 

 There's so much to learn and so many exciting features

 We can't wait to get you started!!

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