FabJob e-Guide to Opening Your Own Nail Salon

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Description FabJob Career e-Guide For Opening Up Your Own Nail Salon

TAOND is thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with FABJOB.COM to offer our students their Career e-guide for Opening Your Own Nail Salon!

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**Please note you do not purchase this e-guide through our TAOND website - you simply click on the link provided below to purchase - DO NOT CHECKOUT ON OUR TAOND SITE.

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Guide to Become a Nail Salon Owner - DESCRIPTION

If opening a nail salon sounds like the career of your dreams, the FabJob Guide to Become a Nail Salon Owner is for you! In this e-book you will discover how you can successfully start a nail salon.The nail salon guide offers insider tips and expert advice from beauty industry insiders including successful nail salon owners. The guide covers topics of vital importance to anyone who wants to open a nail salon in the United States or Canada, plus helpful advice for opening a nail salon in any country. It includes:How to Start a Nail Salon Business
  • How to create a business plan for your nail salon (includes a sample nail salon business plan)
  • Deciding what kind of nail salon to open
  • An overview of options for your nail salon business:
        • Buying an established nail salon (including how to find nail salons for sale)
        • Buying a nail salon franchise
        • Opening a new nail salon in a retail space
        • Starting a mobile nail salon service
        • Starting a home-based nail salon business
  • Choosing a name for your nail salon
  • Where to get start-up financing for your nail salon business (includes sample start-up budgets)
  • Deciding on the best legal structure for your nail salon business (incorporation, partnership, and others)
  • Information about important business matters that can affect your nail salon including insurance and licenses
  • How much space (square footage) you need to open your nail salon
  • What to consider when choosing a location for your nail salon, including information about permits and leases
  • Interior and exterior design of your nail salon
  • Equipment you need to start a nail salon business, and where to get it
Managing Your Nail Salon Business
  • How to develop effective systems for running your nail salon business on a daily basis
        • Setting your nail salon's hours of operation
        • Booking appointments
        • Setting prices for your nail salon's services
        • Accepting payment from your clients
  • Buying and selling products
        • How to find suppliers for the products you will use and sell in your nail salon
        • How to buy products at a discount with tips on negotiating the best payment terms
        • Keeping track of your inventory
        • How much to mark up prices on products you sell to your nail salon clients
  • Creating in-store displays to market products
  • What you need to know about staffing your nail salon
        • An overview of nail salon positions from receptionist to manager
        • Hiring nail technicians versus renting chairs
        • Paying your staff (including standard hourly wages and commission splits for a nail salon)
        • How to find great nail salon staff
  • Developing promotional materials to market your nail salon business (including a menu of services and website)
  • Ways to attract nail salon clients through advertising and free publicity
  • Dealing with difficult customers including advice on preventing “no shows”
  • How to get repeat business from your nail salon clients
Plus you will find even more resources and advice, including:
  • The best places to find the highest quality nail care products
  • Valuable samples and checklists, including:
        • Sample business plan for a nail salon
        • Sample floor plan for a nail salon
        • Sample lease agreement
        • Sample start-up budgets for a nail salon
        • Sample interview questions for salon employees
        • Sample list of supplies
        • Checklist to evaluate competing nail salons
        • Checklist to evaluate potential locations
        • Checklist for nail salon operations
        • Checklist of nail salon equipment
  • How to organize your nail salon's grand opening
  • An overview of opportunities for future growth for your nail salon business including expanding your current salon or opening additional locations
  • AND MORE!!