TAOND's Natural Nail Care Specialist MINI Certificate Program

No Need For a Full Certificate Program? 

TAOND MINI Certificates are an Excellent way to Learn How to Master a Single Application Process
And Earn Your Specialized Certificate.

Our Full TAOND Natural Nail Care Specialist MINI CERTIFICATE Program is Only $645.00
*Please note that your Exam Fee is in addition to your TUITION
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BTW - We Just Launched our Brand New TAOND NAIL ARTISTRY Certificate Program - Add it to your Natural Nail Care Mini Program


This is the ideal program for students who are interested
in solely creating expert Natural Nail Care Services whether for 
Beautiful Manicures & Pedicures Services for their clients
  Students who are interested in a 'Refresher' Course on
Natural Nail Care
As an intro before taking their NASP Podology Courses

   And then Earning their TAOND Natural Nail Care Specialist
MINI Certificate!

- Our TAOND Grads create some of the most stunning work you'll see, they are Competition Winners, gain employment in Amazing Salons and Spas, become Nail Educators and even open up their own Fabulous Home Salons.

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2018 COVER

CONGRATS To Our Latest Winners
- EMILY HUANG, TARA BIRCH & BRENDA BRAUN  for their HUGE 1st Place Wins at the BC Canada Nail Cup, Magic Gel Canada 150 and Nail Masters Competitions (respectively).

What Comes In Your Program

Your TAOND Natural Nail Care Specialist MINI Certificate Program is a Full Comprehensive program and includes:

Your Theory Modules

- Module 1 - Today's Nail Professional - Professional Ethics and Conduct and Exciting Career Opportunities

- Module 2 - Basic Human and Comprehensive Nail Anatomy

- Module 3 - Nail Disease and Disorders

- Module 4 - Client Assessments and Consultations

- Module 5 - Salon and Chemical Safety - Proper Decontamination Protocols

And Your Speciality Application Module

- Module 6 - How to Perform Beautiful Manicures and Spa Manicures

- Module 7 - Creating Amazing Pedicures and Spa Pedicures


- BRAND NEW MODULE - Module 11 - Advanced Client Care - A completely new and innovative interactive experience no one else offers! 

PLUS Learn To Build Your Professional Portfolio!


Our TAOND Natural Nail Care Specialist Mini Certificate Program Students are required to complete:

- 5 Manicures and 5 Spa Manicures

- 5 Pedicures and 5 Spa Pedicures

Then when you are ready you purchase your LIVE Exam Fee which is in addition to your tuition:

- TAOND Natural Nail Exam


Learn More about How Your Program Works by Watching our

We've also answered all your questions in our In-depth FAQs

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