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No Need For a Full Certificate Program? 
TAOND MINI Certificates are an Excellent way to

Learn How to Master a Single Application Process

And Earn Your Specialized Certificate.*

"You all have made the experience of learning not so daunting and so accessible for me. I found the modules informative and up to date with the industry as well as the Tutors amazing in responding to questions concerns and always ready and able to give feedback. I appreciate how quickly the practices were marked after being submitted as it helped keep a flow going once I was doing the actual models and learning the procedures in the flesh and not just reading it. I loved the feedback where to improve and how to do it. It just made me able to perform the services better each time. I waited many years to finally start as a nail professional and I feel I have the tools I need thanks to TAOND to do what I have wanted successfully now!  I would recommend anyone looking into a career in the nail industry to look at TAOND as the perfect fit for any schedule and as well being very very helpful and well rounded going into the industry. Thanks so much!!"
                                                                                                                                               Posted By: Jodanna Nordgren, Kelowna, B.C.


OUR MASSIVE 'Back To School' Special

We Only Hold It Once a Year AND Now Is The Time!

ENDS AUGUST 31st And Then It's Gone For Another Year!

Check Out All the Details

Now You can Choose Your Specialized Program and
Get Certified in One Application:

module 7module 6 module 8

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