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ANYONE who has a Love for Nail Art and has already spent hours and hours trying out and perfecting their NAIL ART Skills and is now looking to Earn A Certificate in Nail Artistry!

Since you have already Mastered all your Nail Art Skills
- Now is the time to Show Them Off!

In our program you need to demonstrate to us your current Nail Art skills in Polishing, Acrylic and UV Gel designs!  Any Design Style or Technique!

This is a Fabulous Way to Earn a Certificate in Nail Artistry from TAOND either 'Just For Fun' if Nail Art is your hobby or as a complimentary Certificate to your license or existing Certificate.

*It is Important to note that this is a Nail Artistry Program that is intended to draw from your existing Nail Art Skills in order
to earn a Certificate in Nail Artistry.  This is Not a 'How-to, Start From Basics, Step By Step' Nail Art program. 
If you are strictly interested in learning Nail Art Basics we would recommend Sam Biddle's Nail Art program for Beginners.

Why Our Students LOVE This Program

I have been offered the opportunity to be a part of the Nail Artistry Certification Program. It has been a fabulous opportunity. This course was about showing off your nail art talent. The team goes above and beyond to make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed. They are always there to help you, give advice and ensure you are achieving your full potential. As I am now a GRADUATE of this program, I am enthusiastic to continue my skills in the professional industry.

I am also currently taking the Full Certification Program. I love how in detailed this program is. The modules and step by step videos were very informative, in depth. Its important that I had find a program that fit well into my busy schedule. TAOND is great. Thank you again TAOND for this opportunity to expand my knowledge in Nail Art.

Kind Regards, Shanakay Simons

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As a qualified but not practicing nail technician I had rediscovered my love of nails and nail art after quite a few years away from the table. I looked around locally, in rural Australia, for a refresher course and specifically a nail art course however there was nothing that ticked all the boxes. I was very excited when I found TAOND and discovered they had courses that suited me and I could do the work online, at a time that suited me. The staff were very helpful, replied to every inquiry and question I had very quickly by email and instilled complete confidence that I would learn in a supported, encouraging environment. And that is exactly what they delivered. The online video tutorials and modules got me up to speed in no time and the nail art course was challenging and pushed me to try and perfect techniques I would never normally have tried which is exactly what I wanted. While an online course always involves a level of self-motivation to get through, if you love nails, want to start or develop a career in nails then TAOND has everything you need. It is an amazing resource in the nail industry and I am so thankful to have found them. Again, thank you so much for all your encouragement, support and for your wonderful program!
Posted By: Julie Keeble
Julie Keeble
I've always liked doing nails but never had time or money to attend additional schooling. I work full-time, am a mother of 5 and a grandmother of 3 and I was so glad to be able to do my classes on-line any time of the day or night. The videos were easy to understand, the staff was always available if you had questions and submitting your work on-line wasn't complicated at all. I live in a state that does not accept on-line school towards licensing, so I opted to take the "Just for Fun" and TAOND Nail Art Program. It was such a great, positive experience that if my state ever does accept online classes for licensing, I will be enrolling again!
Posted By: Robyn Lockner
North Benton OH
What Comes In Your TAOND Nail Artistry Program?

We created our TAOND Nail Artistry Program to cater to those who have a Love Of All Things Nail Art!  In this program we provide you with dozens of Nail Art inspiring ideas, tips, hints and content in order to Spark your Existing Creative Genius!

But it doesn't stop there!  You'll also get:

 - Our Exclusive 'Let's Go Shopping For Nail Art' Module - where we have scoured the earth to find Fabulous places where ANYONE can buy professional Nail Art supplies whether you are a professional or a nail art hobbyist
 - We'll teach you How to Build Your Own Nail Art Kit!!
You'll Learn 'How To Work Safely' with our Full TAOND Module 5
We'll Test Your Knowledge Of All Things Nail Art in our Unique 'Know Your Stuff' Module
- And dozens and dozens of Incredible Nail Art Industry Resources, Articles, Helpful Tutorials And More!

Then you take all that you know and have Mastered and Show It Off to Complete your Final TAOND NAIL ARTISTRY ASSIGNMENT.

Please be advised - You have 2 months (60 Days) to complete your full program work.  If you are unable to complete your full program work within this timeframe you will be subject to a LMS re-instatement fee.

Push your Inner Nail Art Creative Genius AND Earn Your TAOND Certificate in Nail Artistry!
All Of This For Only $95.00! 

Want To Learn EVEN MORE For Fun? 
Then Combine this Nail Artistry Certificate Program with our TAOND "JUST FOR FUN" Program
To Round Out Your Education!

"I took the "JUST FOR FUN" online nail tech course and it was a big boost for me. It helped me get on the right track to creating beautiful nails. I would highly recommend this course for those who want to learn proper nail care and have a desire to design beautiful nails. The TAOND online school inspired me to consider further advancement. TAOND is a great way to get you started and in the right direction to be a great nail technician!"

 Posted By: Kisa W.  - Franklin, Tennessee

*Kisa went on to take our Full Certificate Program and is now an Educator in the Nail Industry!  This Could Be You Too!

What Comes In Our International 'Just For Fun' Program?

Your Full TAOND "JUST FOR FUN" Program includes all the EXACT same content as our Full TAOND Certificate Program:

All 11 Online Program Modules, All 11 Module Print out materials, ALL 11 Training Lessons, ALL Tests, And ALL Step By Step Videos for the following subjects:

Your Theory ModulesiStock 509053946 JFFsmaller

- Module 1 - Today's Nail Professional - Professional Ethics and Conduct and Exciting Career Opportunities
- Module 2 - Basic Human and Comprehensive Nail Anatomy
- Module 3 - Nail Disease and Disorders
- Module 4 - Client Assessments and Consultations
- Module 5 - Salon and Chemical Safety - Proper Decontamination Protocols

Your Practical Modules
- Module 6 - How to Perform Beautiful Manicures and Spa Manicures
- Module 7 - Creating Amazing Pedicures and Spa Pedicures
- Module 8 - Perfecting Fiberglass Enhancements
- Module 9 - How to create stunning Acrylic Enhancements including re-balancing and Sculpting
- Module 10 - The hottest UV Gel Enhancements techniques including re-balancing and Sculpting
- BRAND NEW MODULE - Module 11 - Advanced Client Care - A completely new and innovative interactive experience no one else offers!

        But No Assignments, No Practical Work REQUIRED - It's All Fun!


BTW - Our TAOND Grads create some of the most stunning work you'll see, they are Competition Winners, gain employment in Amazing Salons and Spas, become Nail Educators and even open up their own Fabulous Home Salons.

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CONGRATS To Our Latest Winners
- EMILY HUANG, TARA BIRCH & BRENDA BRAUN  for their HUGE 1st Place Wins at the BC Canada Nail Cup, Magic Gel Canada 150 and Nail Masters Competitions (respectively).


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