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It's Time To Have Some Fun With TAOND! 
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We've Created an AMAZING, FUN, FREE Way to get you to Start Challenging Yourself in the World of Nails!

Happy Woman This is Exciting!!!
It's not a competition - no one is going to judge you
It's not a contest  - you are only competing against yourself
It's not even School!- It's not hard - It's Just Plain FUN!
It's just a simple, fun way for you to Challenge yourself to strive to do better and start creating some Fabulous and Personalized Work!
You don't need to be a TAOND student - Anyone Can JOIN!
You don't need to be a Nail Professional - Anyone of any level of skill can join!
You don't need any money to start!  TAOND Tier 1 is ABSOLUTELY FREE to Anyone who wants to join!

How Does It Work?
It's EASY!  Simply click on the link at the bottom of the page Sign Up - TAOND'S WEEKLY CHALLENGE
And you'll be entered into our 'Challenge Yourself' Lineup.  Once in the lineup we will email you your full instructions on how your Challenges Work.

While it is Completely FREE to join us in Tier 1 - Since you will be creating nail applications and some nail art as well as taking pictures of your work we do therefore recommend you can get your hands on some nail products and have a camera to take pictures of your work to upload.  Many of you are either already nail professionals or students, but for those of you who aren't, you can use which ever are your favourite nail products as long as you are comfortable using them!

What Is A 'Challenge?"
Each of your Challenges are uniquely designed to get your 'Creative juices flowing'!  It could be a Nail Art Challenge, A Skill Building Challenge, a short Research Project designed to get you 'in the know' about the lastest products to hit the Nail Market, or it could even be you creating your Own Specialized Services or designing your  IDEAL HOME SALON!  Each Challenge will push you to new limits to explore your full range of skills.  You could be a Beginner or even an Expert - it doesn't matter because you are Challenging Yourself!

What Do I do With My Challenge Work?
In order to display your Challenge Work once you have signed up, we issue you your Challenge instructions that include how to create your Very Own Personalized FREE Portfolio where you'll be uploading all your Challenge work.  Your FREE Online Portfolio is an excellent way for you to share your work (pictures, videos, documents and your Digital Badges) with anyone you chose. 
Many of our TAOND CHALLENGE participants create their portfolio as a way to share with their clients the extra-ordinary and stunning work they've created during their TAOND CHALLENGE to help build an impressive new clientele, showcase their skills and 'speak to their clients' or just to have for their own personal use.  It's completely up to you!  Use it Professionally or use it Personally!

Why An Online Portfolio I have facebook
While social media can be great, some of your clients, friends or family you would like to share you Incredible work with may not be on social media.  With your Online Portfolio you can share it with anyone you send your Portfolio link to!

Once signed up wait for us to send you your first WEEKLY CHALLENGE by email.  Tier 1 is comprised of 6 weeks of Challenges (12 Challenges in all) aimed at helping you improve your skill set, creating some fabulous works and basically get you 'thinking outside of the box'  in this Incredible Industry. We want you thinking about the nail Industry in a whole new way, work hard at trying out new applications, performing some interesting research and so much more!.

Each New Weekly Challenge Instructions are automatically emailed to you every week.
Complete all the Challenges in each Tier, share your portfolio with us and EARN YOUR VERY OWN DIGITAL BADGES!!

What are DIGITAL BADGES And What Do I Do With Them? 
Digital Badges are a Unique, Exciting way to show off your skill set.  They are essentially a digital way for you to brag about what you've learned!!  Once you've earned them you can post your Badges in your Portfolio, share them in your Social Media accounts and even email them to clients, friends and family!

To learn more about DIGITAL BADGES and what you can do with them CLICK HERE - DIGITAL BADGES

EXCITED?  Good - Let's Get You Going Right NOW!
To get started in our TAOND WEEKLY CHALLENGE - TIER 1 Is Absolutely FREE! - ANYONE CAN JOIN US!  And you'll earn your Very First Digital Badge!

Tier 1 - FREE - TAOND'S SHOW OFF BADGE  gold badges Showoff
Complete our first Tier Level of Challenges, share your Challenge Work with us and earn your TAOND 'SHOW OFF' Badge.
Then if you enjoy our 'TAOND Challenge Yourself' you can keep going!!  We'll send instructions on how to Get Started in our next two CHALLENGE TIERS.  Each of the Top Two TAOND WEEKLY CHALLENGES Tiers have a small Enrollment Fees.
Move on to Tier 2 - TAOND'S GRAND MASTER gold badges GrandMaster

In this Tier 2 you'll be building on your Skills that you put into practice in Tier 1 with even more Exciting, Fun and Challenging work.  Tier 2 is comprised if 6 Weekly Challenges (12 Challenges in all).  Complete these Challenges, share your work with us and earn your TAOND GRAND MASTER Digital Badge!  Then when you are ready move on to Tier 3 - THE BIG ONE!!
And Tier 3 - TAOND'S SUPER STAR  gold badges SuperStar
In this Tier 3 - This is the BIG Challenge!!  You're really going to earn that TAOND SUPER STAR Badge.  Not only will you be building on your Skills that you put into practice in Tier 1 & Tier 2, but we're really going to push you to create the kind of work that is going to complete your Portfolio in a way that you will feel confident in sharing with clients and everyone else.  PLUS, you'll be creating some very Specialized Work that is ALL YOU!

At TAOND We Are So Proud to have created this Exciting and Fun way to assist you in Challenging Yourself! 

Remember - It's about you and you pushing yourself - no one else and WE LOVE THAT!! 
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