Successful Salon & Spa Management (Soft cover)

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Creating a salon or spa from scratch is a daunting task. Successful Salon and Spa Management, Sixth Edition cuts through the confusion and provides the student with a clear understanding of what it takes to run a salon or spa. From understanding the differences in what type of salon or spa they want to open, all the way through financing and operating for profit, students will enter their professional careers with a strong understanding of building and running their own business.

Author: Edward Tezak  - 256 pp.


  1. Salon/Spa Types and Their Locations
  2. Financing the New Business
  3. Salon/Spa Operating Costs
  4. Permits, Public Utilities and Insurance
  5. Types of Leases and Rent Agreements
  6. Decorating Arrangement and Placement
  7. Salon/Spa Business Tools
  8. Salon/Spa Advertising
  9. Merchandising In Your Salon and Spa
  10. Use of Cosmetology Schools by Salons and Spas
  11. Labor-Related Laws
  12. Salon/Spa Personnel
  13. Salon and Spa Forms and Items for Record Keeping