TAOND's Natural Nail Care & UV Gel Enhancement Specialist Program

No Need For a Full Certificate Program? 

TAOND MINI Certificates are an Excellent way to Learn How to Master a Single Application Process And Earn Your Specialized Certificate.



By Far Our MOST POPULAR MINI Certificate Program Choice!
Most popular icon2NOW Combine our Natural Nail Care Specialist MINI Certificate Program And our UV Gel Enhancement Specialist MINI Certificate Program


This is the ideal program for students who are interested in combining

Fabulous UV Gel services with Incredible Natural Nail Services for 

 The Ultimate in Natural Nail Care with Gel polish for their clients

   And then Earning their TAOND Natrual Nail Care & UV Gel Enhancement Specialist MINI Certificate!

What Comes In Your Program

Your TAOND Natural Nail Care & UV Gel Enhancement Specialist MINI Certificate Program is a Full Comprehensive program and includes:

Your Theory Modules

- Module 1 - Today's Nail Professional - Professional Ethics and Conduct and Exciting Career Opportunities

- Module 2 - Basic Human and Comprehensive Nail Anatomy

- Module 3 - Nail Disease and Disorders

- Module 4 - Client Assessments and Consultations

- Module 5 - Salon and Chemical Safety - Proper Decontamination Protocols

And Your Speciality Application Module

- Module 6 - How to Perform Beautiful Manicures and Spa Manicures

- Module 7 - Creating Amazing Pedicures and Spa Pedicures

- Module 10 - How to create stunning UV Gel Enhancements including re-balancing and Sculpting and Gel Polish


- BRAND NEW MODULE - Module 11 - Advanced Client Care - A completely new and innovative interactive experience no one else offers! 

PLUS Learn To Build Your Professional Portfolio!


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“The TAOND program was the perfect fit for me.

It gave me a solid educational foundation that was customizable and flexible. Perfect for fitting into my (crazy)schedule!

I am excited to be part of such a creative profession and thrilled and excited about what the future holds”

Thanks - Jolandi Du Preez - British Columbia

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