"New To Nail Art" Course


Are you brand new to nail art and like...where do I start? Do you look at your nail art and think...why can't I get this right!  Have you been wondering just what is Ombre, and does Chrome come in a can?


  "Hi, My name is Sam Biddle, and for the past 18 years, I have been honing my nail art skills so I can show you just what you can do with a brush, dotting tool, a small pot of paint and some polish. You no longer have to feel baffled by marbles, ombre's, and chrome, or intimidated by detailers and fine lines. You see for the past 10 years I have concentrated on making masters out of nail artists, those nail techs who have already been bitten by the nail art bug, but now... It's your turn! So many of you have contacted me and said: "Sam I have no clue where to start", You have said, "I need help with the very basics, right from choosing the right brush for the job".  Well, your prayers have been answered, and I wrapped it up in this nice pretty pink bow too. You see I have worked hard to put together this "basic beginners course". But no one want's to be a beginner, and we definitely don't like to be associated with basic either - so I have called it..."

New to Nail Art! 

Why Nail Art?

Nail Art will make you money!
  • Be creative and express yourself
  • Help your clients to express themselves
  • Build a following and get known for your own style
  • Grow your skills release your talents
Basically nail art is a good excuse to play and earn - turn your glitter into cash!

What comes in this course...

10 Modules & 50+ Lessons

First and foremost - this is an ONLINE course, it is yours to keep forever, and
 you can watch the lessons as many times as you like and today...

We Start At The Beginning!  Introducing you to nail art, this is where everyone has to start. If you're not sure yet on how to polish nails, then this will help you. But this module does not substitute understanding and learning the basics of Nail Technology. Remember this course is all about art. The other stuff is for another day. 
  • Basic manicure - simple methods to prepare the nail plate. 
  • Polish application 
  • French polish
  • Basic Colour Theory
  • How to charge for Nail Art 
  • Basic Nail art Etiquette 
Ombre, blending, colour fade. 
In this Module, you will learn 4 different Ombre or colour fade applications, trust me, each one will give you a different look, but there will be just one which will be your go to.
  • Pigment
  • Gel Polish
  • Acrylic paint
  • Using a Paintbrush
The Marvels of Marbling
There are many different ways to create a marble effect and of course many different looks you can achieve. In this module, I show you them all.
  • Acrylic paint on gel
  • Acrylic Paint & water
  • Traditional Gel Polish
  • The Cling film method
  • Aquarella marbling
  • Pigment & Monomer
Fine tune those fine lines
There is a simple trick when it comes to creating a fine line, and it is not the brush.. this module will reveal all, here are some of the looks we will cover.
  • Lace
  • Hearts, Bows & Balloons
  • Swirls and leaves
  • Abstract flowers
  • What brush you should use for what job
  • How to handle a brush & clean it.
Go all dotty about it!
There is a lot more to dots that you can imagine, but believe it or not it takes a little skill and some patience.
  • Dot Ombre
  • Dot overlay
  • Dot patterns
  • Dot flowers
  • Dots abstract
  • How to accent effectively with dots.
  • Dots with gel

Other Modules In This Course Include:

 - Flowers & Leaves
, don't panic, it is all achievable.
 - The Nail Art Pen and all it can do for you
 - Stamping, but not just stamping...
 - Foils, Transfers, and Swarovski, those added extras...literally!
 - Baby boomer look, this looks at the application methods and what else you can do with this look to make it extra special.