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The Exclusive TAOND SHINE CLUB Members Area


Have A Passion For ALL THINGS NAILS? 

Looking to Have Some Fun, Challenge Yourself
& Learn At The Same Time?

Then JOIN US In Our Fabulous New TAOND SHINE CLUB!

What Is The TAOND Shine Club

After 19 years perfecting online nail training programs, we decided there was a need for an AMAZING way to allow for Anyone who Just Loves 'All Things Nails' to join in on the fun and excitement of the nail industry, but in an interactive way

Yeah, Youtube is great for watching videos, but what if you have questions about whether or not you are doing it right? 
Who's giving you feedback?

Instagram is fun, but what if you want to know exactly where they got those products? Or how you can achieve the same results?  What about how long the designs took?

Enter onto the scene our Fabulous TAOND SHINE CLUB!

Now you can participate in an interactive environment

And the most Exciting News is that our TAOND SHINE CLUB is open to everyone whether you are a Pro or a Beginner!*
*Please note that the TAOND SHINE CLUB is not designed as a professional training program.
If you are interested in a Certificate Program for Professional purposes, check out all other TAOND Program Options available in your Area

Introducing Melissa Vince

Our Incredible TAOND SHINE CLUB Is Headed Up By Our Very Own Award Winning Nail Artist Melissa Vince Melissa Vince(check out some of her stunning work below)

and our entire TAOND team have created a Membership Environment to Challenge and Inspire you through our Interactive Club content! 

Who's the Club For?

Who Have We Designed This Club For?

We designed the TAOND SHINE CLUB for just about Anyone! Whether you are a Pro or A Beginner - there's so much for everyone!

If you are interested in learning more about the nail industry, watching and participating in LIVE Demos that cover all aspects of the nail industry - where you can ask actual questions, have the ability to create some stunning work and then receive Interactive feedback directly from Melissa on how to improve your work AND  joining a community of 'like-minded' Nail Loving Members.

Then This Is The Club For You!

How It Works

It's Simple!  This is a Monthly Membership Club, so every month you pay a small membership fee for your enrollment. 

Once in the Club you'll have access to all the Great Membership Benefits (listed below in 'What's Included').

There's no Long Term Commitment - Stay A Member for as long as you would like.

Each Month we post Brand New DEMOS, Assignments, Activities and Content for All our Members to join in on.

Our Goal is to keep you both Informed and Challenged Each Month!

What's Included?

Every Month Melissa and our TAOND Team will be running you through your paces in a variety of Challenges & Fun Activites and Assignments.  Including; the latest Nail Art Trends, Basic and Advanced Nail Applications and more!

What's Included in your Monthly Membership?

 - Weekly Interactive Demos on everything from the latest Nail Art Trends to Basic and Advanced Application Techniques.  Join in LIVE and get answers to all your burning questions.

 - Monthly Contests where our Members can participate, vote and win Fabulous Prizes.

 - Professional Product Reviews - See whether the latest product is right for you.

 - Private Members Only Social Wall - Connect with Members all over the World.  Share ideas and advice, post your work and support each other.

 - Industry Articles, links and little 'Nuggets' of valuable industry Information.  We scour through all the Nail Industry Information out there to find you the most insightful articles and information possible to assist you in your goals and career


 - Innovative and Challenging Assignments - Every Month there are Exciting New Assignments posted for members.  Assignments designed to get you thinking 'Outside the Box' and challenge you theoritically, creatively and artistically.

 - Interactive Feedback Directly From Your Tutor On Your Work - Along with our Fab Monthly Assignments, every month you'll also have an Interactive Assignment that will require you to upload your work for direct insightful feedback from your Tutor.  Your Interactive feedback will help you increase your skill set on an on-going basis

 - Earn Digital Badges To Display & Share Your Accomplishments - These wonderful little items are digital, so once you earn them you can post them all over your social media, website or share them in any form of electronic communication with your clients, friends or family.

 - Create and Share your Very Own Professional Portfolio - Now you no longer need to mix your personal social media with your Professional.  We help you create your very own Professional Online Portfolio!  Then simply share your Portfolio link showcasing all your Incredible work with clients, friends and family.

                  And The Best Part Is  - Since This is A Club Designed For Our Members,
We Encourage Everyone to Ask for What They Want To See In the Club!
Simply Submit your Ideas As A Member through Our Request Form.