In order to get the most out of your learning experience we highly recommend getting your hands on ‘real people’ in order to complete your Client Practice Work.  However, if in the rare occasion you are having an issue finding willing participants then we do allow a portion (25% and only with approval from TAOND) of your program applications to be performed on a practice hand such as the Nail Trainer or yourself.

The reason behind this rule is because while some online courses allow you to do all your Practical Work on a Nail Trainer hand, in our 18 years of training budding Nail Professionals it is our experience that students who learn to perform their work on 'real people' are far more equipt to performing services right after graduation in a professional work environment. Nail Trainers (while a decent method for trying out your applications if you are nervous at first and want to get the hang of the process) don't have skin so you can't practice your massage techniques, they don't allow you the ability to perform cuticle maintenance, they have no real nail growth so it makes re-balancing hard to perform properly, and they have only 5 fingers so it tends to obscure your application time for when you'd actually be performing a 10 fingered service. All of these aspects are vital to understand and perform when you go out and start working professionally.  No decent salon or spa is going to let you interview and perform a service on a Nail Trainer so why get used to the idea?

The other reason we require students to recruit practice clients during their programs with us is because it teaches you valuable skills on how to build a clientele.  You'll learn how to build your professional clientele during your program through marketing, 'word of mouth' and referrals.  This is so important and why most of our students graduate with a 'built in clientele' and are ready to start earning money right away instead of sitting at an empty manicure table for months.

We've posted an extremely helpful article in our TAOND Student Resource Centre written by some of our more successful students on the tips they used to build their practice clientele that our newly enrolled students can refer to.

If you'd like to purchase your own 'Nail Trainer Hand' please order directly through Canada Nail Supplies.
Nail Trainer Hand