The most amazing feature of our Online Nail Program is that we can customize and specifically tailor the number of practical applications you must complete based directly on your state or province's requirements. iStock 000019471519 Small

So here's an example of how we calculate the new program hours:
Let's say you live in a state that requires you to complete a 300 hour program As with all our programs we allot the 50 hours for theory (which means how long we estimate it will take you to complete watching the online presentations, downloading and reviewing the module print out material, completing the assignments and taking the tests, and watching the step by step 'how to' videos).

Then that means you have 250 hours left to complete. Because we estimate each practical application will take you 3 hours (this 3 hours includes, setting up for the client, performing the application, cleaning up properly after the client, and completing their Client Practice sheet form.) so you then must complete 83 (250 divided by 3 - we round down) practice clients.

This is then evenly divided among the 7 applications required in the Full Certificate Program ( Manicures, Spa manicures, pedicures, Spa pedicures, Fiberglass, Acrylic and UV Gel) which would be 12 of each. If there is an uneven number you can choose your favourite applications that you would like to do an extra for.

Now remember this doesn't mean each application has to be on a seperate client - you can do several practice services on the same person.

For example Jane Doe can have a manicure, spa manicure, pedicure, spa pedicure, set of fiberglass with tips, fiberglass re-balance, fiberglass removal then a set of Acrylic sculpted applied etc.