Yes - You Can! 

It is your Program, so you can use whatever professional line of nail products you choose to - as long as they come from a reputable, professional manufacturer and are safe to use then Absolutely!!  That's the beauty of our AMAZING TAOND Programs - we don't force you into generic school products kits filled with products that are of lessor quality!

And to help you order the products of your choice TAOND has partnered with over 35 of the world's best Online Distributors - including Premier Nail Source, The Nail Super Store, Canada Nail Supplies & The Pink Chair. And in our AMAZING SHOPPING AREA you can choose from literally hundreds of professional nail products, implements, furniture and accessories.

We give you a Complete Shopping List for everything you'll need in each of our practical Modules.  Then all you do is set your own budget and shop online for your choice of products. Our Partners will delivery directly to you! All you'll need your TAOND Student ID # in order to shop with either of our Partners.
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