Our TAOND FULL Certificate Program is Internationally Accredited by the World Certification Institute (WCI)
Which means our TAOND graduates can apply for WCP (World Certified Professional) Designation.


Our Full TAOND Certificate Program is a complete and professional program that covers every aspect of the nail industry!

There are 11 modules in our Full Certificate Program.

  • Introduction to Today’s Nail Professional – Professional Ethics and Conduct
  • Basic Human Anatomy and Detailed Anatomy of the Nail
  • Understanding Nail Disease and Disorders- Performing safe professional services
  • Salon and Chemical Safety - Understanding Salon chemicals and how to create your own decontamination protocols
  • Performing Client Assessments and Consultations
  • Mastering Manicures & Spa Manicures
  • Perfecting Pedicures & Spa Pedicures
  • Creating Fiberglass Enhancements
  • Incredible Acrylic Enhancements & Re-balancing
  • Amazing UV Gel Enhancements & Re-balancing
  • Advanced Client Care Scenarios

Once you complete your TAOND Full Certificate Program then continue your career with our TAOND Certified Master Nail Professional 
And Earn your CMNP Professional Designation as Accredited by the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practioners

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With TAOND You Can Take Your Career From Beginning to MASTERS Level!

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