Many of you will want to know 'where do you purchase your Professional Products to complete your TAOND program'?
Lets go shopping
After having been offering our Online Training Programs Internationally for over 18 years we've learned many lessons in providing professional products for our students.

We do have a Pro Kit available for Canadian Student orders CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS - PRO KIT, however what we've also learned is that not all our students want to be restricted in using the professional products of their choice!  * PLEASE BE ADVISE We are making changes to this kit and it's contents.  We will post an update once details have been finalized.

So to adapt to that philosophy we created our TAOND SPECIALIZED 'LET'S GO SHOPPING' Module where we provide an extensive shopping 'experience' for ALL our students!

In our 'LET'S GO SHOPPING' module we put together full, comprehensive shopping lists for each application (manicures, spa manicures, pedicures, spa pedicures, fiberglass, acrylic and UV gel), AND a full brochure listing dozens of different professional beauty supply stores where you can purchase your products - So now you can choose your own products of the brands you want and set your own budget!

Now you can choose a kit or whichever professional products you want! 

With your TAOND Student ID# all you have to do is print out your Shopping lists and go shopping!

PLEASE NOTE - our TAOND STUDENT ID#'s are only issued to TAOND Students enrolled in our FULL or MINI Certificate programs.

Also, as a part of our on-going goals to provide opportunitites for our TAOND students to connect with the best professional products in the world, we are partnered with Premier Nail Source and Canada Nail Supplies as our Fabulous Online Distribution Partners!  But in our brochure you can choose from over 35 different companies.

Once you purchase your FULL or MINI Certificate program we supply you with a complete shopping list that covers everything you'll need for each of your practical applications from manicures all the way through to UV Gel enhancements.  And you'll receive you're TAOND Student ID # so you can shop at anytime - even after graduation!

How much will I spend?
Generally, on average our students spend approximately $250.00 on product and supplies in order to complete their TAOND programs.This can vary based on several factors:
  • Which brand name your choose - Higher end brand names such as OPI or Creative Nail Design will cost more than the more affordable lines of Star Nail or Nouveau Nail
  • If you choose to upgrade your regular UV Gel Lamp to a LED lamp
  • If you choose to purchase an electric file (not a requirement of our program but some students like to have one)
  • If you decide to purchase Spa equipment such as a paraffin warmer, electric mittens and booties
  • If you decide to purchase additional supplies such as extra buffers, files, tips etc.
So as you can see there are a lot of varying factors that you can control when you start purchasing your products and kits and the good news is that you are in control!  You can purchase one kit at a time or your complete kit all at once. Most students do spend on the average $200.00-250.00 to receive their full Shopping list, including some extras that they wanted.

If you have any questions about purchasing Professional products for your TAOND program,
Please feel free to contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.we'd be more than happy to assist you with your decisions!