You can place your program order through our Fully Automated System by simply adding your program to your ShoppingCart and checking out ... 24 hours a Day/365 days a Year!

Get Started in your Program immediately!


How to Order Step by Step Instructions

  1. Choose the Program that best suit your needs from our TAOND Program Categories
2. Add the Program to the Cart. A pop-out box will appear to confirm it, then proceed by clicking on ‘SHOW CART.

  1. On the Shopping Cart page, if you are:
A) A TAOND student simply LOGIN in order to checkout
B) A new student you first need to register, so click on ‘Add/Edit Account Information’

Fill out ALL of required fields marked with an asterisk (*). Check to make sure your personal information are spelled correctly, especially your email address, before you click on the REGISTER AND CHECKOUT button at the bottom of the page.

  1. Review your purchase (program, quantity, amount). Enter the coupon code if you have one, then click SAVE.
  2. Choose to pay either with PayPal or Visa/Mastercard/Interac, then tick on the ‘Terms of Service’ to agree before clicking on CONFIRM PURCHASE.
  1. Enter your Payment Details before clicking on the appropriate button.
  2. The screen will briefly flash your Order Receipt*** (DO NOT click on anything) and will redirect you to your TAOND Login page. Please read through the helpful information on technical issues.
  3. You may now Login and begin!

*** You’ll immediately receive a payment confirmation via email

Have Questions? Give us a call Toll Free during Business Hours 1 (844) 998-2663 (Canada & U.S.A.)

If you live outside of North America please call our International line at 1 (708) 515-4586.