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TAOND is getting ready to launch a BRAND NEW Project!!
Aimed at creating a FREE Interactive Web Environment for Nail Professionals, Nail Students from all over the world
And even those who are just Nail Enthusiasts! 
And we need your thoughts on what may make this project the most helpful for you personally!

As a part of our commitment at TAOND to continue to provide our students and followers the most forward leaning, engaging content and experiences at the highest levels in the nail industry (as well as continue to set standards that others continue to follow), we are getting set to launch our Brand New project within the next few weeks. 

This super exciting project is an Interactive website that will contain not only all sorts of information about the nail industry, but we are trying to include as many Fun and Engaging tools and activities to either get you started in the nail industry, expand your existing career or plain just have some fun!   

iStock 509053946 JFFHowever, as always, since you are what drives us your feedback is so valuable for us, so we'd love to get your opinion of what tools and activities you feel may bring the most benefit to you as either a Nail Professional,  Nail student or just someone who loves nails!

While we've asked some straight up questions we've also included a free text box where you can add any additional activities or items you feel may be of benefit to you and others.

So whenever you are ready to, please click here to answer this brief survey - TAOND Survey
We look forward to hearing from you!
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