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BTW - We just released our Fabulous Brand New TAOND NAIL ARTISTRY CERTIFICATE Program!
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If you're 'killing it' with Nail Art and want to now Earn our Certificate in Nail Artistry - this is the Program for you!  CLICK HERE for all the details!


You are from one of the lucky states that allow for Apprenticeship Programs.

You can choose to either attend in class training for 600 hours or apprentice under a licensed nail technician for 1200 hours. Apprenticeships allow students the foremost in training flexibility, all the while giving them the ultimate in 'real world ' exposure in a REAL salon environment.

Couple your in salon Apprenticeship with TAOND's Apprenticeship Program to perfect your theory on Nail Anatomy, Nail Disease and Disorders, Proper Sanitation Protocols, Performing Client Consultations and Assessments, Salon and Chemical Safety, as well as all the 'in's and out's' of every nail service application and you'll enjoy the best of both worlds!

We also have a great online article for you to read through to learn more about apprenticeships and how to get started in your own program.

Contact information for State Board and Nail Professional Licensing Requirements:

Nail Technicians: license required - 600 hours
Reciprocity: Must meet the hours requirements of Alabama at the time of licensure. Must present proof of five years of licensed experience.ALABAMA Board of Cosmetology
ALABAMA Board of Cosmetology
Toll Free #: 1-800-815-7453
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.