Currently not all areas of the World accept Accredited Online Training for Basic Licensing.

If you plan to take our FULL TAOND Certified Program you must contact your local regulatory board PRIOR to purchasing this program to ask whether your board will accept Internationally Accredited Online Training Program for Basic Licensing.

AND REMEMBER - If you are interested in Training for Basic Licensing and want to take your Training Online, when speaking to your Regulatory Board to ask if they accept 3rd party evaluations, because some  may accept W.E.S. or A.C.R.E.V.S. Program Evaluation in order for you to qualify to take the state licensing exam?

What is a third party evaluation report?

Both Academic & Credential Record Evaluation & Verification Service (ACREVS) and World Education Service (WES) provide third party evaluations for International Programs and send their reports directly to your state board. So when you contact your board to ask about Online Training, be sure to ask if your board accepts either a WES or ACREVS report.

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Contact information for State Board and BASIC Nail Professional Training Requirements:

Nail Technician: 350 hours
All applicants must be at least 16 years of age. Each applicant must have a minimum 8th grade education. If an applicant does not have a high school diploma or its' equivalent they must take an Ability to Benefit test.
(Nov 2000) Nail techs in Illinois may now "beautify" the skin of the hands, feet, forearms and calves.
Reciprocity: Based on laws in issuing state compared to Illinois Law during the time period in which the applicant was licensed. The state does credit the applicant for work experience.
Home salon and Mobile salon allowed
ILLINOIS Dept. of Professional Regulation
Barber -- Cosmetology
320W. Washington St.,
3rd FIr.
Springfield, IL 62786
(217)524-6735 TDD
(217)782-7645 FAX