Is Online Training Right For You?

Today there is no more convenient, affordable solution for Nail Professionals to get the right education they need in their chosen field than Online training! Online training options are now available in almost every industry around the world! It fits your schedule and affords you a way of connecting globally! And all our Students and Graduates LOVE our programs!

"I am so thankful for TAOND! Thanks to them I was able to stay home and do something I love! I found many online courses but they were the one that stuck out to me the most! I could do exactly what I wanted to do without having the complete things I wasn't interested in! They made it so easy for me to be a stay at home mom and a nail technician! I learned so much from the courses and the videos are so helpful! 
So proud to be able to say I'm a certified nail technician! Couldn't have done it with TAOND!" ~ Jacqueline C. Labrador City, NFLD

But is an Online Training Nail Program Right For You?

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Currently not every area of the world is accepting of Online Training
in order for you to obtain your professional status.
THEREFORE We highly recommend you confirm with your local regulatory board (especially if you live in an area of the world that requires licensing)
PRIOR to purchasing one of our programs to confirm whether or not your local board will accept
Internationally Accredited Online Training programs such as ours.

Before you call there a couple of important notes you should know.  If Online training with TAOND sounds Perfect then there are other options;

1) Train with one of our TAOND Partnership Schools.  TAOND Partnerships Schools combine both our Fabulous TAOND Online program and in class training so you have the best of both worlds!
2) See if your board accepts third party Evaluation Reports from either WES or ACREVS (See below for more information)
3) Confirm if your state accepts an Apprencticeship Program


BRAND NEW SCHOOL - For our U.S. based students, TAOND is Absolutely Thrilled to Announce our Latest Partnership School in the state of Texas

                                                                                                              The American Manicure School Of Art!
                                                                                                 Who Are Now Accepting In State and Out Of State enrollees! logo final So if you live in the U.S. you may be eligible to enjoy the Ultimate in Nail Professional Training with our Online/In-class Program Combination in Partnership with AMSOA!
                                                            For full details and to enrol please contact the American Manicure School of Art directly
or by telephone at 1 (817) 369-8989

Also, your state may allow for Online training if you provide them with a Third Party Evaluation report from either:

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Today some state boards are now accepting a W.E.S. or A.C.R.E.V.S. (Third Party Program Evaluations)
In order for you to qualify to take the State Licensing exam?
What is a third party evaluation report?

Both A.C.R.E.V.S. (Academic & Credential Record Evaluation & Verification Service) and W.E.S. (World Education Service) provide third party evaluations for International Training Programs such as those we have at TAOND.
Once they evaluate our program they send a report directly to your state board with their findings.
It is an easy and efficient way to have your Board evaluate your training.
CLICK HERE for more information on how W.E.S. works
CLICK HERE for more information on how A.C.R.E.V.S. works

So when you contact your board to ask about Online Training, be sure to ask if your board accepts either a W.E.S. or A.C.R.E.V.S report

Also let your Licensing Board know The Academy of Nail Design is a Certified Institution with Canada's HRSD
And our TAOND Full Certificate Program is Internationally Accredited with W.C.I.
And TAOND is the ONLY Online Nail Program in the WORLD to be Certified by  The Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners For our Derma Care Nail Specialist Advanced Designation Program

Apprenticing may be available for you!  15 U.S. states allow for you to apprentice under a licensed Nail Professional instead of attending any in class hours?
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Apprenticeships allow students the foremost in training flexibility, all the while giving them the ultimate exposure in
a REAL Salon Environment.  At TAOND we highly support Apprenticeships, so we created the AMAZING TAOND APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM.
Click Here for Full Details. You can also choose a Payment Plan for your Apprenticeship Program
Click Here for Full Details on our Apprenticeship Program Plan.

To find out more about if your state accepts Apprenticeship Programs and how they work,
simply contact your state cosmetology board (contact information located by clicking this link).

So after you've confirmed that Online Training is Right For You
It's time to choose your Perfect Program!

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