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WELCOME TO OUR BRAND NEW AND EXCITING WEBSITE!  We have a TON of new features to share with you!

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TAONDers Continue To ROCK!!!!

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To Our Very Own Latest TAOND Students Winners!

Emily Huang, Tara Birch & Brenda Braun

For their HUGE 1st Place Wins in Canadian Competitions!!

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The entire TAOND Team Is So Proud Of our Incredible Students!!

FEBRUARY 2017 - TAOND rockin it again in Nails Magazine February issue!! Also a shout-out to our fabulous TAOND Tutor Brittany Jane Cahill with her incredible set featured!!
For those of you who have missed it here's the article link - NAILS MAGAZINE - CANADA STYLE

Please be advised that on Tuesday October 4th, 2016 our TAOND LMS will be under going scheduled maintenance and not be accessible from 4:00-7:00 EST.  If you have any questions please let us know.

As Always our TAOND students have been creating some Super Fabulous work!

for TAOND Look Book to see what they've been up to


In our continuing efforts to remain the best online nail program in the world please note starting February 1st, 2016 TAOND students enrolled in our programs will be required to complete MANDATORY LIVE Examinations for Natural Nail Care and Enhancements. If you enrolled in your program prior to January 15th, 2016 LIVE Exams are optional.  online learning
if you have any questions regarding LIVE Exam taking requirements.

Canada Nail Cup

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The Academy of Nail Design is beyond proud to be an Official Sponsor of The Canada Nail Cup! The 2016 Canada Nail Cup was held in Vancouver on February 28-29th and in Toronto April 24-25th. A BIG CONGRATS to all the Winners and Contestants at the Toronto Nail Cup Competition. TAOND was thrilled to be a part of it!

We're changing it up!  Look for some incredible new changes to our TAOND Nail Art Program coming May 2016!

DERMA CARE NAIL SPECIALIST - Professional Designation Program
The Academy of Nail Design is thrilled to have our latest program, Derma Care Nail Specialist Program Featured in Nails Magazine!
CLICK HERE to read our Amazing Profile and to purchase your Professional DCNS Designation Program Today!

MAY 9th, 2016 - Please note we have worked hard to again update our LMS environment.  You'll notice some new changes and some great new features the next time you log in.
If you have any issues with your LMS account please contact Christina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so she can assist you.

Please be advised that as of July 15th, 2014 we are launching our Brand New Online Learning Environment and no longer using our EASYCAMPUS link.
All TAOND Students must create a new account in our new Online Learning Environment. Once your account is created we will approve your account and get you set up in your existing program. Please also note that we will be transferring over your existing grades but due to the sheer number of Student records that need to be manually transferred please allow 30 business days to update your new account grades.
CLICK HERE to create your new account. If you have any questions about the new system - we're here to assist you. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The TAOND Derma Care Nail Specialist Program (D.C.N.S.) The Academy of Nail Design is proud to present it's Derma Care Nail Specialist Program. The Only Program In The World that will earn you the Professional Designation "D.C.N.S." As Certified by theCanadian Examing Board of Health Care Practitioners. This AMAZING Programfocuses on creating Incredible Advanced Natural Nail Care for both the Hands and Feet.

The Program that takes the 'Manicure' & 'Pedicure' to a Whole New Level! And earning you Full Professional Respect with your new title. Our D.C.N.S. Program is open to students in Canada, U.S.A., Australia, China and New Zealand and MUST BE The Academy Of Nail Design Natural Nail MINI Certificate or FULL TAOND Certificate Graduates and/or Licensed Professionals ONLY! COMING FEBRUARY 2014!!! Pre-register now by CONTACTING US

The TAOND Full Certificate Program has now been Internationally Accredited by WCI (World Certification Institute) which means all our TAOND graduates are able to apply for the WCP (World Certified Professional) designation. That means you'll be able to use the title WCP after your name! TAOND is THRILLED to announce our BRAND NEW Partnership with Premier Nail Source - One of the world's best and most reputable Online shopping resource for professional nail products.

Now TAOND students can choose from literally hundreds of professional nail products to compliment their TAOND programs. Please note that you must have your TAOND Student ID # in order to shop with Premier.

The Amazing NAILS 2013 Career Handbook is now out and you can access from the TAOND Student Resource Centre! For those of you who are new to the nail industry this incredible handbook is jam packed with all sorts of exciting information about your entrance into the nail industry. Log into your Online Learning Area to check it out.

Look for our incredibly informative New Doug Schoon's (renowned nail industry guru) series of AMAZING educational articles in the TAOND STUDENT RESOURCE CENTRE. And don't forget to JOIN OUR MAILING list for all the TAOND Updates and Specials

NOTE: TAOND Students - We have now amended our program plans and are no longer offering the "Modules Only" program, 8 PACK or 20 Pack Payment Plans to new students as of September 22nd, 2013, and As of January 14th, 2014 we are no longer offering the "Module By Module"payment Plan to new students

HOWEVER,if you are currently enrolled in one of these payment plans you can continue with your plan un-interrupted. In order to continue with your payment plan please CONTACT US and we will provide you a Paypal invoice that you can use for your next payment.