We're Thrilled To Announce We Have Just Launched Our BRAND NEW TAOND LMS!


PLEASE NOTE: we are still in the midst of fully migrating all our existing TAOND LMS Students over to the new system so if you purchased your TAOND Program PRIOR to September 3rd, 2021 please contact us directly at info@taond.com to let us know you require a NEW LMS ACCOUNT set up as we are no longer using the OLD LMS and any work you submit there will NOT be recorded towards your program.

Please Note that we will be working as fast as we can to have all our TAOND students moved over to the NEW LMS as quickly as possible, but due to the sheer number of students and work that needs to be transfered this will take some time, so please be patient with our TAOND Team during this time.  We will work on a 'first ask' basis until all accounts have been moved.