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Hello TAONDers,

We wanted to reach out to all our enrolled students during this time that many of us are dealing with a changing world due to the COVID-19 virus.  

We first hope that this email finds you and yours well and note that with many of you now being asked to spend time at home and going out in public less, if we can see one - on the brighter side - it presents a great opportunity to spend time working on your TAOND program materials at home and online, however, we also wanted to remind our students who may choose to continue their practical work on friends and family during this time, of our basic safety and health guidelines as well as offer important new considerations if you do choose to work on practice clients. 

*Please be reminded that at TAOND because we have no time limits on any of our programs, there is absolutely no pressure on any of our students to continue program work during this time, especially their practical, if they so choose not to.  Continuing your program or practical work is 100% a choice for each individual student to make based on their individual situation, health concerns and what they feel is the right choice for them. 

As you all know as students of TAOND, we have always put an extra emphasis on maintaining the health and safety of not only our students during their programs with us, but also the health and safety of friends and family who so kindly volunteer their time as practice clients, by requiring our students to practice the highest level of decontamination protocols.   If you do choose to continue practice applications please be sure to follow not only our regular guidelines for decontamination, but also be sure to:

- Make an extra effort and diligence with yours and your client's hand washing, both before and after services.

- Have and use hand sanitizer after hand washing and before the beginning of any service.

- Wear a mask during your services just to make certain that you are not contaminating the breathing zone between you and your client - this is for both your safety and your clients.

 - Wear gloves during your services.

 - Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue if you cough or sneeze.

 - Don’t touch your face during a client’s service and discourage your client from touching theirs as well.

 - Along with your regular decontamination practices don't forget to wipe down all surfaces with your surface disinfectant spray that you may otherwise not think of such as; chair handles/rests, doorknobs, counter tops and non working area desks etc.  Not only before and after each client, but also try to do so in 30 minute intervals when you are idle.

 - Do not have food, beverages or personal items on or near your work space.

We would also encourage you to check the following websites on a continual basis for any updates and answers on the virus and what may be happening in your local areas:

 - The CDC -

 - The Public Health Agency of Canada -

Finally we wanted reassure our students that our incredible TAOND team will continue to be available to address any concerns or questions you may have during this difficult time.  Please feel free to reach out to us if need be.

We wish you health and safety during these difficult times.

Jennifer and the TAOND Team

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