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This program is ideal for students who are lucky enough to live in an area where Apprenticeships are an alternative option to in class training.


can be a very unique and exciting way to earn your Professional license, by allowing you to work at a professional salon earning valuable 'real life' and hands on experience. 

Why We Think Our TAOND APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM is An IncredibleTAOND Program option

You can start learning RIGHT AWAY! 

You can purchase your TAOND Apprenticeship Program and get started mastering all your Nail Industry Education right now – and then when you are ready, start to research for a local licensed Nail Professional to sponsor you for your Apprenticeship.   

You'll be walking into your Apprenticeship fully prepared to perform all tasks expected of you.

Your TAOND Apprenticeship Program will assist you to perfect your theory on Nail Anatomy, Nail Disease and Disorders, Proper Sanitation Protocols, Performing Client Consultations and Assessments, Salon and Chemical Safety, as well as all the 'in's and out's' of every nail service application (Manicure, Pedicure, Fiberglass, Acrylic and UV Gel enhancements).

Does Your State Accept Apprenticeships? 


What Comes In Your Program

Your TAOND Full Apprenticeship Certificate Program is a Full Comprehensive program and includes; All 11 Online Program Modules, All 11 Module Print out materials, ALL 11 Training Lessons, ALL Tests, ALL Assignments And ALL Step By Step Videos

And by choosing to pay it in 3 Installments you can set your budget

1st Pack Payment Includes:iStock 000069428255 Glammanicure

 - TAOND Module 1 - Introduction to Today's Nail Professional
 - TAOND Module 2 - Basic Human Anatomy and Detailed Nail Anatomy
 - TAOND Module 3 - Nail Disease and Disorders
 - TAOND Mobile Nail Professional E-guide - Open Your Own Mobile Nail Business!

PLUS Access To Our:

 - Access to our TAOND TUTORING AREA
 - Our 'Let's Go Shopping' Area

 - TAOND Student Resource Centre

2nd PACK Payment includes:

- Module 4 - Client Assessment & Consultation
- Module 5 - Salon & Chemical Safety & Proper Decontamination Protocols
- Module 6 - Basic and Spa Manicures
- Module 7 - Basic and Spa Pedicures
- Module 8 - Fiberglass Enhancements

3rd and FINAL PACK Payment includes:

- Module 9
- Acrylic Enhancements

- Module 10 - UV Gel Enhancements
- FINAL Module 11 - Advanced Client Care

It's Simple! Just purchase your 1st of 3 PACK Payments and then purchase your next 2 whenever you are ready!


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We've also answered all your questions in our In-depth FAQs

But we'd love to chat with you if you'd like to discuss if this is the right program for you - CHAT LIVE WITH JILL

You all have made the experience of learning not so daunting and so accessible for me.

I found the modules informative and up to date with the industry as well as the Tutors amazing in responding to questions concerns and always ready and able to give feedback. I appreciate how quickly the practices were marked after being submitted as it helped keep a flow going once I was doing the actual models and learning the procedures in the flesh and not just reading it.

I loved the feedback where to improve and how to do it. It just made me able to perform the services better each time.

I waited many years to finally start as a nail professional and I feel I have the tools I need thanks to TAOND to do what I have wanted successfully now!

I would recommend anyone looking into a career in the nail industry to look at TAOND as the perfect fit for any schedule and as well being very very helpful and well rounded going into the industry.

Thanks so much!!
Posted By: Jodanna Nordgren
Kelowna BC


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