TAOND's Full Certificate SUPER PACK Program

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Each 6 PACK Payment is Only $165.00 *Your LIVE Exams are in Addition to your Tuition
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This is the ideal program for students who are interested in A FULL ONLINE NAIL PROGRAM, Becoming A Certified Nail Professional, AND Who Live in an Area Of The World that accepts Online Training for BASIC LICENSING
(If you aren't sure if your area of the world accepts Online Training For BASIC LICENSING then CLICK HERE to find out)

But Prefers An Affordable Monthly Payment Plan.

We have been offering this Incredible Online Nail Program to our students around the world For More than 19 years!
And our International Reputation Speaks for Itself!

- Our TAOND Grads create some of the most stunning work you'll see, they are Competition Winners, gain employment in Amazing Salons and Spas, become Nail Educators and even open up their own Fabulous Home Salons.

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CONGRATS To Our Latest Winners
- EMILY HUANG, TARA BIRCH & BRENDA BRAUN  for their HUGE 1st Place Wins at the BC Canada Nail Cup, Magic Gel Canada 150 and Nail Masters Competitions (respectively).

What Comes In Your Program

Your TAOND Full Certificate SUPER PACK Program is a Full Comprehensive program and includes; All 11 Online Program Modules, All 11 Module Print out materials, ALL 11 Training Lessons, ALL Tests, ALL Assignments and practical requirements And ALL Step By Step Videos

And by choosing 6 PACK Payment Plan  - you create your Own Payment Schedule.  For every Payment you make you'll receive a portion of your Full Certificate Program.

1st Payment Includes: istock 475970046 super floralssmaller

- TAOND Module 1 - Introduction to Today's Nail Professional
- TAOND Module 2 - Basic Human Anatomy and Detailed Nail Anatomy
- TAOND Mobile Nail Professional E-guide - Open Your Own Mobile Nail Business

2nd Payment Includes:

- TAOND Module 3 - Nail Disease and Disorders 
- TAOND Module 4 - Client Assessment & Consultation
 - Our Fabulous 'Let's Go Shopping' Module where you can find lists of everything you'll need to complete your program

3rd Payment Includes:

- TAOND Module 5 - Salon & Chemical Safety & Proper Decontamination Protocols

4th Payment Includes:

- TAOND Module 6
- Basic and Spa Manicures

- TAOND Module 7 - Basic and Spa Pedicures

5th Payment Includes:

- TAOND Module 8
- Fiberglass Enhancements

- TAOND Module 9 - Acrylic Enhancements

6th and Final Payment Includes:
- TAOND Module 10 - UV Gel Enhancements
- TAOND Module 11 - Advanced Client Care

Then when you are ready, you purchase your FINAL & LIVE Exams which are in addition to your tuition:

- TAOND Natural Nail Exam
- TAOND Enhancement Exam

PLUS All Of Our TAOND Students Get Access To Our:

 - Access to our TAOND TUTORING AREA
 - Our 'Let's Go Shopping' Area

 - TAOND Student Resource Centre

It's Simple!  Just Pay When You Are Ready For Your Next Modules!


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We've also answered all your questions in our In-depth FAQs

But we'd love to chat with you if you'd like to discuss if this is the right program for you - CHAT LIVE WITH JILL

“The TAOND program was the perfect fit for me.

It gave me a solid educational foundation that was customizable and flexible. Perfect for fitting into my (crazy)schedule!

I am excited to be part of such a creative profession and thrilled and excited about what the future holds”

Thanks - Jolandi Du Preez - British Columbia

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