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About The Academy Of Nail Design

The Academy of Nail Design is The Premier Online Training Choice!

                TAOND continues to set the Gold Standard in Online Nail Training
Around the World.

WELCOME to our Brand New TAOND Website!

As always, we are thrilled to bring you our Incredible Online Nail Training Programs!
And as a part of our 20 year success history we continue being serious about providing you with the most professional and comprehensive Nail Programs possible.

As part of your Beauty Education we have never been prouder of
Who We Are and What We Do!

The Academy of Nail Design is a Certified Institution with Canada's H.R.S.D. (Human Resources and Skills Development) and incredibly proud to have our FULL TAOND Certificate Program internationally Accredited by WCI. That means TAOND graduates from all over the world can continue to apply for their W.C.P. (World Certified Professional) Designation.

Since we started Online Nail Training 20 years ago the world has been inundated with Hundreds of 'Online Nail Courses', yet TAOND remains the leader that all others copy or follow  - Why - The #1 reason? 

We believe in fully Crafting Your Whole Career from Beginner to Master - Not just 'Taking A One-Off Course'.

It's Time To Take Your Learning To A Higher Level!

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Our Programs

We've Created Some Of The World's Most Amazing And Comprehensive Programs Just For You
Full Certificate Programs

Our Most Comprehensive Full Certificate Programs!

Jam packed with 'Extras' - Ideal for the Beginner Student interested in Crafting The Career Of Their Dreams!

Mini Certificate Programs

Incredible Mini Certificate Programs!

For those students who prefer to concentrate on one specialty application


Perfectly designed for students who want to learn all About the Exciting World Of Nails - FOR FUN!

Earn While You Learn
Earn Real Money by referring your Friends and Family to TAOND
Come Join Us in an AMAZINGLY Interactive Place for All Beauty Professionals!
  • Full Certificate Programs
  • Mini Certificate Programs
  • Earn While You Learn

Our Recent Work

Check out just some of the Incredible Work being performed by our
TAOND Students, Grads and Staff - Including our latest
Student Competition Winners!

Recent Student Work
Recent Student Work
TAOND Student Winners
Melanie Kowallis



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I couldn't have imagined it....

When I started out 19 years ago with this underwhelming idea of just 'sharing my knowledge about nails with some other people', I could never have imagined that this small little idea would become what it has today!

I am truly humbled and honored everyday when I see the level of incredible work our students produce, the thoughtful words they write within their program assignments and the amazingly supportive things they have to say about the sharing of their time with us. There is one very special story that I wanted to share with all of you that perfectly sets the tone for why we as a team at TAOND, do what we do. You can read that story by clicking on the link below.

I am also so thrilled to once again release our Brand New, Brand New (LOL!) TAOND website. We've got a lot of wonderful things to share with you including our Extra Fabulous, Fabulous!!!

So take some time to explore all the features of the new site and as always we look froward to having you JOIN US!


Don't Just Make TAOND Your First Choice - Make It Your Best Choice!

We dare you to compare all our Amazing TAOND Program features and benefits to any other in-class our online program. Don't just take our word for it that TAOND is an Incredible Educational Experience - check out other programs for yourself.

We're so incredibly confident in our programs we actually recommend students compare our programs to others, then after your research you'll feel assured with your choice of TAOND.


Customize Your Career With TAOND!

You LOVE the World of Nails - that's just a given! But have you ever thought about what your career in this Incredible Industry would look Like? Not everyone has the same Career Goals as everyone else. Our TAOND programs allow for our students to begin and complete their programs at their own pace, from the comfort of their own home, within their own timeframes with their end Career Goals in mind.

We have so many programs and so many benefits and training pathways that your choices are endless. Just check out our list of CORE PROGRAM FEATURES:

Our Core Program Features:

  • Full Comprehensive Theory Modules
  • Incredible Tutor Feedback & Support
  • Learn At Your Own Pace
  • LIVE Exams
  • Incredible Professional Shopping Opportunities

More Core Features:

  • Advanced Career Programs
  • In-depth Practical Applications
  • Affordable Payment Plans
  • Professional Portfolio Creation
  • Incredible Support with Our TAOND Community

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  • Is Online Training For Me?

    Is Online Training Right For You? Today there is no more convenient, affordable solution for Nail Professionals to get the right education they need in their chosen field than Online training! Online training options are now available in almost every industry around the world! It fits your schedule and affords you a way of connecting globally! And all our Students and Graduates LOVE our programs! But is it right for you? Read More
  • Will An Online Program Get Me Licensed?

    Requirements for Basic Nail Professional Licensing differ in every area of the world and not every area of the world accepts Online Training for Basic Licensing. Therefore we strongly encourage you to confirm if our Online programs will be accepted in your area of the World PRIOR to enrolling. Read More about Licensing Requirements in your area. Read More
  • How Do I Get Started?

    After you have confirmed if Online Training is right for you then getting started in your very own TAOND program is simple! Browse through our Course Catalogue and then choose the ideal program that meets your needs, add it to your Shoppingcart and then check out - you'll be starting your program immediately READ MORE about Getting Started Read More
  • Program Choices

    At TAOND we believe that everyone has different needs and career goals, so we've created an exciting list of program options.Choose from Full Certificate Programs, MINI Certificate Programs, Advanced Career Programs, our 'Just For Fun' Program. Read More for our full list of choices. Read More
  • Full FAQ LIST

    Have More Questions? No Problem!

    Click here to view our Full FAQ list Read More
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