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Online Training Is Simply The Best!


What could be more convenient, affordable and empowering than bringing your school to you, on your schedule, 24 hours a day whenever you want?

No more searching for classes that are geographically close to you (if they exist in your area at all?).  No more re-arranging your life to meet the demands of inconvenient in-class sessions.  No more juggling job or child care issues just so you can obtain the training for the career of your dreams!

Online training options provide solutions to all these issues.  However, unfortunately there are some areas of the world that still 'don't get' that online training is the now and the future!  So we leave up to each individual student to confirm PRIOR To Enrolling if our TAOND programs are going to get you to where you need to be professionally.  And to do so Olivia can answer all your pre-enrollment questions and provide you with your Local Licensing Contact information

CLICK ON ASK OLIVIA and she'll provide you with detailed information about your area of the world so you can make a informed decision about your training options.


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The purpose, the solutions and the results
  • Convenient - School Open 24 hours a day!
  • Exceptionally Affordable!
  • Access to Incredible Online Resources


Concerns that need to be addressed
  • Acceptance For Licensing Varies by Area
  • Requires Self Discipline
  • Technical issues

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