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What are we trying to achieve here at TAOND?

Since 2000 when The Academy Of Nail Design launched the world's first Comprehensive Online Nail Training Program, it has always been our mission to set a Gold Standard by which all others follow.

And now with the release of our Incredible TAOND Experience Platform we raise the stakes again!

The Goal of our new Experience Platform is to offer our students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a Total Beauty Training Environment

Now no longer just about nails, our Experience Platform students purchase their TAOND Passport which gives them access to all of our Beauty programs such as our full Certificate Nail program, our Advanced Master Nail program, our Advanced DCNS program, our Eyelash & Brow program, our Make Up, Social Media programs and more!

Once again we're changing the way students Learn Beauty online!

Come And Join Us In All The Fun!
Find Out If TAOND Is Right For You!

Find Out If TAOND Is Right For You!

Complete our TAOND PER form to see if TAOND will Help You Acheive Your Career Goals!
Did you know you can Try TAOND For FREE!

Did you know you can Try TAOND For FREE!

Unlike anyone else, because we know you'll love us so much, we allow you to Try TAOND For Free!  Click here to try out our Full NAIL Certificate Super Pack Module 1

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. - Anatole France

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From the very beginning TAOND has always been A Labour of Love for me, and after 23 years of providing students from all over the world one of the best Online Nail Programs Ever, I've never been more proud than to now offer our Brand New and Incredibly Exciting TAOND Experience Platform!

It is with this Amazing project that we can now offer our students a full range of beauty training in a fabulous immersive environment, at their convenience for a more than affordable price.

Our Brand New platform includes some Absolutely Incredible beauty courses and information currently, but the best part is as we grow we'll be continously adding new and exciting prgroam and courses for our students.

We so proud of our new platform so join us in all the excitement!


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