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The Academy of Nail Design - TERMS & CONDITIONS

I Acknowledge and Confirm:



1) AGE OF CONSENT AND PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY - That I am at least 18 years of age and am purchasing an online nail program and/or subscribing to an online Ai Nail Tutoring service and that I have researched my local state/province/country regulatory boards and confirmed that if I am enrolling in a program or course, that this program will allow me to be eligible to work professionally in the nail industry or qualify for state or provincial licensing after successful completion of this program if I so choose.  The Academy of Nail Design accepts no responsibility for confirming such professional or licensing eligibility.


2) NON-TRANSFERABLE - That my TAOND Program purchase is non-transferable. I will not share my username and password with anyone else or allow anyone else to access the Site using your username and password. I am responsible for every use of the Site that occurs in conjunction with use of my username and password. I must use reasonable efforts to keep my username and password confidential. I will notify TAOND as soon as I become aware of any unauthorised use of My account, membership, username or password.  Unauthorised use of my TAOND LMS or affiliate account could result in immediate Termination of your account(s) at the sole discretion of The Academy Of Nail Design.


3) SYSTEM ACCESS AND SAVING YOUR OWN WORK - That the TAOND LMS site will usually be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We may, however, need to interrupt or suspend your access to the Site or the provision of the Site’s Services and Content, for maintenance, technical or other reasons. When accessing and using the Site and its services and Content, you must comply with directions, instructions or protocols posted on the Site.  This includes saving all your program work both during your program with TAOND on an on-going basis and after the completion each CPS form or assignment on a device outside of the TAOND LMS system so in the case of system failure, student’s will have a copy of their work for their own records.  In the event of a system, or technical failure or LMS Account suspension The Academy Of Nail Design DOES NOT Guarantee to maintain a student’s previous work that includes previous grades tutor feedback, assignment responses and CPS forms.


4) NON-REFUNDABLE - That my Program purchase, membership, subscription is Non-Refundable after purchase - I acknowledge that due to the nature of delivery of the TAOND program(s), membership, subscription service, All online components (Online Learning Environment access, videos, print out material, presentations, tests, assignments etc.) of any program or services  is non refundable after initial purchase date.    I acknowledge that I may be entitled to a refund for products, professional kits and dvds purchased through The Academy Of Nail Design if these items are returned to The Academy of Nail Design within 30 days unopened and unused, and that I am responsible for the shipping costs associated with returning the refundable items.


5) PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS – That I have read and understood both the theoretical, practical and exam requirements for completing my program as outlined on both the main website and also included in my program Description under Required Practicals By Area, and that I am not eligible for a Certificate unless all requirements have been successfully completed with a passing grade of 80% and acknowledged by the school.


6)  KITS AND DVDS - That I will be receiving online access to the program modules, but that program kits, dvds, accessories etc. if purchased through The Academy Of Nail Design will be shipped to me by Canada post (Canadian students), or FEDEX (U.S. and International students) and that delivery of such shipped items depends on the area in which I live, but on average will take 20-25 business days. I acknowledge that The Academy of Nail Design will attempt to have the delivery date in accordance with the shipping date as notified of at time of purchase, but that this date may vary from the shipping date as notified on the site at time of purchase due to circumstances beyond the control of The Academy of Nail Design and this does not entitle me to a refund of any order unless such order can not be fulfilled by The Academy of Nail Design.


7) STUDENT LIABILITY INSURANCE – That if directed within my TAOND Program I am required to purchase and maintain a Student Liability Insurance policy while enrolled in any TAOND Certificate program that Indemnifies The Academy of Nail Design from any Liable action taken against any student while enrolled and after graduation of any TAOND program and that this Insurance policy will be in ADDITION to my TAOND tuition.


8) TERMINATION - That The Academy of Nail Design reserves the sole right to Terminate my Student Account With Notice without refund of any monies for Cause and/or for violation of any of these Terms and Conditions.


9)  PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS - That it is my responsibility to purchase and have access to the proper professional products, equipment and sanitation materials as listed in my TAOND program material in order that I am able to safely and successfully complete my program.  And that I agree to follow all local/provincial/state and federal sanitation and decontamination guidelines with regards to my equipment, products and accessories during the duration of my program and that the purchase of these products are in ADDITION to my program tuition.


10) E-FILE - That The Academy Of Nail Design does not allow students to use an electric file during the course of their studies and that if I do choose to using an electric file during my practice services that this can only happen if I COMPLETED PROFESSIONAL LEVEL E-FILE TRAINING from a reputable training provider approved by TAOND or the TAOND efile course and received a Certificate stating such training and that this Certificate has been uploaded to my student LMS account as record.


I must also then advise my practice client that I have been professionally trained to use an electric file and it is their choice whether or not to allow me to use an electric file on them during my practice services and therefore by allowing me to use an electric file during my practice service they sign off on any liability to both myself and The Academy Of Nail Design of any injury or damage that may occur due to the use of an electric file. I have also informed my client that they can opt not to have practice services performed with an electric file if they so choose.  This acknowledgement must be in writing on each and every TAOND CPS form submitted for grading.


11)  PROFESSIONAL CODE OF CONDUCT – That I am enrolled in this program and that I represent The Academy of Nail Design and as a student of TAOND I agree to act in a mature, professional, safe manner and will not portray myself as a licensed or Certified Nail Technician or any status other then a student while enrolled in this program. I also will conduct myself in a professional, mature, polite manner during and after my studies with TAOND. I acknowledge that TAOND has a 0 tolerance policy for abusive behaviour towards staff and other students whether on the phone, email, chat or social media.  Violation of this condition will result in IMMEDIATE TERMINATION of the student's TAOND account with no refund of tuition or fees paid.


12)  SAFETY & SANITATION - That I will be handling and have access to professional nail products commonly used in the nail industry as a part of my program and that I agree to use these products with only the utmost care, in a safe, professional, equipped setting, and in a manner as described specifically by the manufacturer of these products and/or equipment.  And that I will not hold The Academy of Nail Design, its successors, or representatives liable for any misuse of these products that leads to any liability incurred to myself or any client that I practice on during this program. I also acknowledge and agree that I will disclose to any client I work on during my program that I am a student and have my clients sign off any liability to myself or The Academy of Nail Design during the course of my program.


13) NON-PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS - That The Academy of Nail Design does not encourage, recommend, advise nor advocate the use of non-professional nail or beauty product, and accepts no responsibility for the students' use of such items.




ONE TIME PROGRAM PAYMENTS - If the Student has enrolled/purchased a TAOND Program in our New (as of September 2021) LMS – and paid a one time program payment, then they are entitled to access to their LMS Account and Program content, grades etc. for a period of 2 years (730 Days) and at the end of that 2 year period the student’s Account will be deleted.  Therefore it is recommended that the student save their program work to their own device or system outside of the TAOND LMS PRIOR to the Expiry of that 2 year period.

If the student does not complete their program within that 2 year time period or wishes to extend their program access, they can purchase an EXTENSION Fee that extends their program access for 1 year (365 Days) from the date of purchase.  They can renew this Extension Fee as many times as they would like.  It is the student’s responsibility to purchase this Extension 15 Days BEFORE their 2 year Access expires in order to maintain the integrity of their LMS Account with all their content.  If the student’s 2 year Access expires without an Extension Fee purchased and then purchases an Extension Fee after the Expiry Date then The Academy Of Nail Design DOES NOT guarantee the integrity of the students LMS Account nor work performed within or uploaded to the LMS.  It is our policy and recommendation that all students save their program work to an outside device or system on an ongoing basis.


OLD TAOND LMS - If the student had purchased their Program, Module, Payment Plan on our old TAOND LMS ( website or PRIOR to September 2021 and does not log into their TAOND LMS Account for a period of 2 years (730 Days) then their account will be suspended and they must purchase a Re-instatement Fee if they choose to re-activate their account. 

If a student has not logged into their account for a period of 2 years and does purchase a Re-instatement Fee to re-activate their Account, The Academy Of Nail Design DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE INTEGRITY OF THEIR ORIGINAL ACCOUNT OR THE WORK, GRADES OR FEEDBACK THAT THE STUDENT HAS PERFORMED OR UPLOADED TO THE SYSTEM PRIOR TO THE SUSPENSION and the student may have to re-do that previous work.

  - Students Acknowledge that if they enrol in a Monthly or Weekly Membership program they are agreeing to pay the amount of the full 12 Months or 52 weeks of subscription fees regardless of how quickly they complete their program.

Students acknowledge that if they successfully complete their program in less than the allotted 12 Months or 52 Weeks Subscription Period, that in order to receive their TAOND Certificate they must pay in full the remaining outstanding Membership Fees of their original Membership.

if a Membership Payment is flagged as returned or insufficient funds then the student’s account is automatically suspended.  The payment system will automatically re-try to process that missed payment 5 days later, and the student’s account remains suspended until either that payment is successful or the student manually submits a payment for that missed amount.  If 2 payments are missed in a row The Academy Of Nail Design reserves the right to cancel a students membership with Notice and no refund of previous Membership Payments.

- Please be advised that a student can CANCEL their TAOND MONTHLY/WEEKLY MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION at any time, but must give 7 BUSINESS DAYS WRITTEN NOTICE of such intent before the Due Date of their next payment in order to avoid being billed for their next payment.


If anytime after enrollment in our TAOND Monthly Membership Subscription a student wishes to Cancel their subscription or account before the Membership has been paid in full as per the terms of the Membership choice they enrolled (Weekly or Monthly), they MUST GIVE 7 BUSINESS DAYS Notice before the due date of my next Monthly or Weekly Payment in order to cancel the Subscription.  Such request must be remitted in written form to the school via email and such receipt acknowledged by The Academy Of Nail Design back to the student.  Receipt of such request does not entitle the student to a refund of any funds already paid in the Subscription Agreement.


If a student Cancels their Monthly Membership Subscription before the Membership payments have been completed they acknowledge that their student account will be Cancelled and Deleted UNLESS they chose to pay for the TAOND “Park My Account‘ Fee which is an annual Fee that will keep their account suspended, but current for a period of 1 year.  They can renew the ‘Park My Account’ fee as many times as they would like.   During their suspended time period you can re-activate your account at any time and continue with the remaining MEMBERSHIP payments until completion of the term.

If the student chooses to not pay for an Extension Fee, or a ‘Park My Account’ Fee they acknowledge that after a 1 year period (365 Days from Suspension or Cancellation) has been reached, the student acknowledges that their full TAOND Account including any submitted work, tests, assignments, uploaded CPS forms etc. will be permanently deleted from our system, and that student will have to re-start their entire program with us from the beginning, including re-starting the 12 Monthly Payments.

– The student acknowledges that with any TAOND LMS Account Extension or ‘Park My Account” event or even during the normal enrollment process, while TAOND will do it’s best to maintain the students academic records there is no guarantee that the student’s work will be saved properly if a suspension occurs or there is a data loss, therefore the student acknowledges that they are required to maintain copies of all their student work (Test, Assignments and Practical work – CPS Forms) as a copy in their own records in case of deletion or other data loss in the TAOND LMS.


15) STUDENT HEALTH - that it is my responsibility to disclose any allergies, contagious infections and/or any other conditions that may affect the safety of myself or any clients that I may perform services on during this program and agree not to hold The Academy of Nail Design liable in any incident that may occur during my program.


16) CHANGES TO ANY TAOND PROGRAM, MEMBERSHIP  - That The Academy Of Nail Design reserves the right to make any changes to the course program content, delivery and scheduling as long as there are no additional charges to the student currently enrolled. In the event of disruptions to program delivery for issues beyond the control of The Academy of Nail Design, I acknowledge that The Academy of Nail Design will in a timely manner address such technical issues and I acknowledge that I am not entitled to a refund or any program fees partial or full paid to The Academy of Nail Design under such circumstances. In the event that The Academy of Nail Design ceases to operate, due to unforeseen circumstances, I agree and acknowledge that The Academy of Nail Design will attempt it's best to fulfill all program purchase agreements by continuing to operate the Online learning Environment for a period of 3 months after the discontinuation of the operation of The Academy of Nail Design, and issue Certificates to those students who complete their program requirements within that time frame. I acknowledge this 3 month time frame and agree that if I am unable to complete my program requirements during that time period after which The Academy of Nail Design ceases to operate, that I am not entitled to any refund of program purchases or materials purchased in conjunction with my program, and will not hold The Academy of Nail Design, its owners, employees, executors or heirs liable in any respect.


17) COPYRIGHTED CONTENT - That the program materials created by The Academy of Nail Design are copyrighted information and that I agree that I will in no way distribute, make copies of, or share any of this information with any third party who is not a party to these terms and conditions. Any violation of this agreement will be met with persecution to the full extent of the law.


18) DOES NOT REPRESENT OR REPLACE LEGAL, INSURANCE OR ACCOUNTING ADVICE - That the information provided in the program is not meant to replace professional legal, accounting or insurance advice and I agree that The Academy of Nail Design expressly disclaims all and any liability to any person, whether the purchaser of this program or not, in respect of anything and of the consequences of anything done or omitted to be done by any such person in reliance, whether whole or partial, upon the whole or any part of the contents of this program or programs.


19) OUTSIDE BUSINESS OPERATIONS  - That if I decide to operate my own business I acknowledge and agree that my business is independent of The Academy of Nail Design and have properly registered my business name and operate it in such a manner that is required by the local laws of my jurisdication, and will not hold liable in any way The Academy of Nail Design, its owners, employees, executors, heirs for any personal, or corporate, liability, claim, suit, action, loss or damages that may arise from my services that I provide in my business.


1) Our information collection and use of any personal information about you is set out in our Privacy Policy.


1) We control and operate the Site from our offices in Canada. The laws of Canada govern these Terms, and you and The Academy Of Nail Design submit to the jurisdiction of the courts there.

Any violation of these Terms & Conditions will result in the immediate Termination of the Student's Access and Account at the sole discretion of The Academy of Nail Design, and any such Termination due to these violations will not result in any repayment of Fees paid.

If you have a question regarding any of the TERMS & CONDITIONS listed here please contact us directly at PRIOR to enrolling in your program.

I acknowledge that by clicking on 'I agree to the Terms of Service' I have read, understood and agree to both these Terms & Conditions and our TAOND Privacy Policy prior to the purchase of any item or program enrollment on any of The Academy Of Nail Design’s websites.

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